Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is given its flavor by coating crystals of sucrose with molasses. Light brown sugar has more delicate flavor, whereas dark brown sugar has a more intense flavor.

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Brown Sugar

What is brown sugar from Guyana called?


Brown Sugar

How many cups is 140 grams of brown sugar?

It is 2/3 of a cup.

Brown Sugar

What are two types of brown sugar?

Light Brown Sugar and Dark Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar

How much protein is in brown sugar?

ProteinBrown sugar does not add to your daily protein intake, but the recipe you prepare with it very well might, because many foods contain at least a small amount of the nutrient. Unlike with other dietary nutrients, the USDA Food Guide Pyramid has not established intake recommendations for protein because of its abundance in the American diet, according to the FDA.
Brown Sugar

How many calories in one cup of brown sugar?

720 calories based on 15 calories per teaspoon.

Brown Sugar

How do you soften brown sugar that has become as hard as a rock?

How to soften brown sugar ideas:Place a piece of bread in the box and close it. Leave it there over night. It will soak out all the fluid that made it hard.
  • Place a moistened cloth over the open container and leave it for several hours .
  • Hard brown sugar will soften if you place a cut apple piece in the container overnight. Remove apple piece next day and sugar will remain soft.

may sound different but works

  • If the brown sugar is in a box, put it in a plastic bag. Run a little square of paper towel under the faucet (smaller than a postcard). Wring it out, then put into the bag, seal, and stick in microwave for 15-20 seconds. You might have to keep checking it. But I guarantee you, it works like a charm.
  • Put the brown sugar in a bowl, sprinkle a tiny bit of water on it, cover it, and put it in a microwave for a half minute or so depending on the amount you want softened.
  • To keep the brown sugar soft, place a terra cotta (clay) disc in water over night and then in the sugar container. It will slowly release the moisture into the sugar.
  • Microwave it for 15-30 seconds on high without any additional water.
  • Easiest one I've found to work would be to place a slice of toast inside the container where the brown sugar is. Works like a charm.
  • My wife puts in a slice of bread and seals it, and leaves it over night. She says it works.
  • The Terra Cotta disc works very well, and only needs to be soaked for about fifteen minutes, patted dry, and then placed ON the brown sugar in a sealed container. There is no worry of mold using this method, and there are no food tastes imparted to the brown sugar! This softens rock hard brown sugar and also keeps brown sugar soft for up to 3 months when the disc can simply be re-soaked.
Another answerHeat up in the microwave for a few seconds but no longer than a minute.

Another answer

Beat with a small mallet <- (This answer isn't entirely true. It doesn't soften it. It just breaks the brown sugar into smaller, more useful pieces)

Yet Another Answer

If your using it to put ontop of something microwavable, just put the brown sugar in a container and heat it up with whatever you are heating up already (just don't keep it in for too long. About 15-25 seconds will do it.) Take it out and it will be warm and soft again.

The BEST Answer a easy!!!!!

Thanks for the microwave idea. It really works:)!!!!!! I had a brown sugar brick and no time to run to the store...yikes! The sugar had dehydrated and become hard. I took my meat tenderizer mallet and broke the brick up into pieces about the size of a grape. I placed it in the microwave in an open bag next to a coffee cup half full of water. I heated to water on high for 3 -4 minutes so the hot water created a steamy environment in the microwave. I let it cool for a few minutes. Removed it from the microwave. The brown sugar rocks were soft and easy to squeeze into granulated brown sugar. The flavor was perfect.

Brown Sugar

What can you use as a substitute for brown sugar?


You can mix white granulated sugar with molasses.

In fact, brown sugar is just a mixture of white sugar and molasses. I use 1 part molasses to 6-8 parts sugar. (Usually I add them to recipes separately, but sometimes I premix my brown sugar--you should probably do this to figure out what proportions you prefer.)


Splenda has a Brown Sugar now, which tastes great.


The actual substitue is 1 tablespoon molasses to 1 cup white sugar but like the person above said, you should premix it to see what you prefer.

Brown Sugar

How long does brown sugar take to dissolve in hot water?

it depends how hot the water is

Brown Sugar

How many carbs are in a teaspoon of brown sugar?

One teaspoon of brown sugar has 9g of carbs.

Brown Sugar

Why does sugar and brown sugar attract ants?

Well sugar is used to make what some of the ants eat MORE enjoyable.

Brown Sugar

Can you use maple and brown sugar oatmeal for apple crisp?

Answer You can use maple and brown sugar for apple crisp, but it's going to be very sweet. Hope you have a sweet tooth. P. S. Don't forget the apples

Brown Sugar

Is brown sugar bad for you?

Anything in excess is bad for you, sugar of any kind should be used in moderation.

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Brown Sugar

How many cups of brown sugar equal 400 grams?

The weight equivalent of 400 grams = 14 oz. (1 lb. or 16 oz. = 450 grams)

Brown Sugar

How do you separate brown sugar and white sugar?

by separating the color

Brown Sugar

Can you use brown sugar in a cake instead of sugar?

Sugar is sugar- it won't ruin the recipe but might not taste as good.

Brown Sugar

Can you carry dark brown sugar as carry on luggage?

Yes, non-liquid and non-gel food products are allowed on in-flight carry on. However, they are subject to additional inspection.

Brown Sugar

Can you substitute granulated brown sugar with brown sugar?

Yes, they are the same thing ;)

Brown Sugar

Should you keep brown sugar in refrigerator?

No there is no specific reason to keep brown sugar refrigerated. However you should keep in a dry place because moisture will make it clump up rock solid.

Brown Sugar

Is light brown sugar better for you than dark brown sugar?

No as it's the same thing. The only difference is dark brown sugar has more molasses in it than light brown sugar. It's a reference to color not fat/calorie content.

Brown Sugar

Can brown sugar be substituted for white sugar?

Usually, but for texture concerns no.

Brown Sugar

What happens when you leave out brown sugar in a recipe?

it will taste different and it won't look like a regular cookie


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