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What is the balanced equation for the reaction of barium chloride with silver nitrate

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Q: Is calcium expensive
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Is calcium carbonate cheap or expensive?


Which is more expensive sodium chloride or calcium chloride?

The price is higher for the calcium chloride.

What commercial value does calcium have?

It is yummy, and very good for you, so good things are expensive, so calcium is too =]

What are the ingredients of ice melting salt?

We can use sodium, calcium and potassium chlorides; NaCl is the cheapest, calcium chloride is the most efficient but is more expensive.

What to use instead of salt on sidewalk?

You can use calcium chloride or magnesium chloride but these are more expensive.

Protect human bones?

Calcium with magnesium. No sense in buying expensive versions of calcium supplements. Try green leafy vegetables. If you use a calcium supplement calcium carbonate is fine. Calcium citrate maleate is quicker absorbing but unless you plan on getting osteoperosis in the next two days that shouldn't matter. And wear a seatbelt and helmet.

What is the best salt to use on roads?

The best is calcium chloride; but because this is expensive rock salt is used.

Which is better for melting ice CaCl3 or NaCl?

Calcium chloride is better (the solubility heat is greater) but is more expensive.

Why does sodium chloride melt ice faster than calcium chloride and magnisium solfate?

It is not correct: calcium chloride is more efficient (but also more expensive); the cause is that the CaCl2 enthalpy of dissolution is higher.

Where do you get sand for your freash water hermit crab?

I recommend to go to your local pet store and purchase the calcium sand, even though it is expensive. The calcium sand is ok to be ingested. If you can't get that, get sand from a beach and filter it, but I do not recommend beach sand.

How is limestone used as a paint additive?

In paints, limestone is used as a filter extending expensive pigments. Limestone is calcium carbonate with the chemical formula of CaCO3.

Your female pit bull just had 13 puppies for her first litter what should you do?

give her calcium supplements and/or feed her puppy chow and milk. That many puppies can suck the calcium from her and kill her. First, she will start seizuring. Then, you have 12 hours to get her help. The vet bill will be expensive.

How do you get calcium out of of pool water?

Once calcium concentrations reach levels that cause problems, it's very difficult to deal with. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure in this case. If you're already at that unfortunate stage, you need to drain your pool, at least partially, and refill it with water that hopefully is not full of dissolved calcium. There are some chemicals that chemically bond with the calcium to prevent it from precipitating out of solution, but they're expensive and not totally effective. One common source of calcium contamination is chlorine based upon calcium hypochlorite. If I got it for free I wouldn't use it. Look for calcium-free chlorine, but if you have a vinyl liner, make sure your chlorine choice is compatible with vinyl.

What atomic number of F plus the atomic number of Na equals the atomic number of this element?


How is sodium metal prepared?

Using Downs process, by the electrolysis of molten sodium chloride. This is done in a Downs Cell in which the NaCl is mixed with calcium chloride to lower the melting point below 700 °C. As calcium is less electropositive than sodium, no calcium will be deposited at the cathode. This method is less expensive than the previous Castner process of electrolyzing sodium hydroxide.

What foods have calcium in?

Any dietary source of calcium will count toward the child's daily intake, but low-fat milk is clearly the most efficient and readily available. Lactose-free milk, soy and rice drinks have recently become more easily obtainable and less expensive.

Why is analytical grade calcium carbonate more expensive than laboratory grade?

Grades of purity apply to all substances, not just calcium carbonate. Laboratory grade is generally about 99.8% pure, analytical grade is specifically 99.9999% pure (aka 6 nines pure).

When calcium hydroxide reacts with sulfuric acid in the lake a calcium salt is formed calcium carbonate calcium nitrate calcium chloride calcium sulpure?

calcium nitrate

What is deicing salt made of?

Most of it's just rock salt, which is coarse crystals of sodium chloride. There are other deicers like urea and calcium chloride, which are much more expensive.

What is tha neutron for calicum?


How do you remove calcium deposits?

Calcium can be broken down with an acidic solution of some kind. There are cleaning agents sold which are made specifically for this. You can remove calcium deposits using baking soda and white vinegar, depending on what kind of surface you are cleaning, you can scrub the area with either steel wool or a nylon scrubber. This is a lot less expensive than store bought products. You can also use salt and vinegar.

The bony element in the periodic table is called?


How many calcium atoms are in a molecule of calcium carbonate?

in a molecule of calcium carbonate there is one calcium atom. as the formula of calcium carbonate is- CaCO3

Are calcium carbonate and calcium citrate ionic forms of calcium?

Yes, they are calcium salts.

What is the name of most common element with calcium?

Calcium is the most common element with calcium . . . in fact, calcium is the ONLY element with calcium.