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Is changing a water pump in a SL the same as a SC?

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Yes it's the same pump

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What are the steps to changing a water pump on a 1993 Lexus sc 400?

Invaluable information here. please don't forget to donate something.

Are there any other cars that has the same steering pump as the Lexus sc 400?


Value of a antique goulds cast iron water pump 1718?

waht is the value of a goulds hand water pump, cast iron red, sc 9119 made in seneca falls n.y.

Can you put a water pump from a 1990 Thunderbird lx on a 1990 Thunderbird sc?

You cannot use share parts between these two engines because the SC is a supercharged version of the 3.8L in the LX. A supercharger is a part that adds horsepower via boost to the engine, but it works as an integrated system. This means that all of the parts on the SC's engine are specifically chosen to perform to the engine's needs, which are different than the needs in the LX version. The water pump from the LX may fit on the SC and it might work, but chances are that the LX's pump does not provide as much water flow, which would leave the engine improperly cooled and could damage the engine. You should play it safe and buy a water pump specifically made for the SC model......not true.. the part numbers are identical between the two motors. they are identical minus the forged internals and supercharger on the sc. it is not a highflow water pump on the supercoupe motor. good luck

92 SC 400 Lexus water pump?

Not an easy job. it's located under the intake manifold which has to be removed.

How do you transfer title of a gun from nc to sc?

If the ownership of the gun is changing, it must be sent to a firearms dealer in SC. If the ownership is not changing (owner is moving to SC) no action is needed. Neither state requires registration of guns.

How do you replace a water pump 4 a 1994 SATURN sc series L4 1.9 lf?

See replated links below

You recently changed your head gasket radiator and cap water pump and thermostat your 1993 thunder bird sc still over heats what could be the problem?

the heater core water pump hoses including the heater hoses

How do you know when water pump is bad on a 94 Saturn sc 2?

A water pump is a mechanical device; it will always work as long as the belt is on it. When a water pump is bad on a car it will always have either a bearing ( noise) problem or seal ( leakage) problem. If your water pump does not have these problems then it is OK. If you have overheating problems, change your engine thermostat first and try that.Also it may need new coolant or the system flushed.

Where is the fuel pump located on a olds achieva sc 92?

Mounted on top and inside the fuel pump.

Where is the Fuel Pump on a 2001 Saturn SC?

it's in the gas tank

Why is my 1996 Lexus SC 400 ac compressor suddenly making a whining noise?

Are you sure it is the A/C Compressor and not the power steering pump? LS400, SC 300 and SC 400 are known to have power steering pump issues that leak onto the compressor causing ac compressor failure. Replace the pump as soon as you see a leak.

Fuel Injection In Tank Fuel Pump Replacement Instructions?

1993 sc 400 fuel injection pump location? how do you know if it bad ?

Can an upper caste and a SC have same gotra?

Yes.iam sure,iam naidu having one gotra,the same gotra my friend from sc family also having the same.

What is the gas pump light above the gas gauge for on a Lexus SC 430?

You need gas

1991 Saturn SC fuel pump?

Located in the fuel tank, and requires special tool to remove.

Do you need to add a sealent to gasket on water pump when replacing it on a 1995 Saturn sc-2?

You do not need to add a sealant to the gasket. Just make sure you torque the bolts to factory specs.

Why is a 1996 Saturn SC thermostat blowing cold air?

Low coolant? defective thermostat? Heater core plugged, restricted, or airbound? Control cable not working? Water pump not circulating coolant?

Fiber Optic - SC to SC media converter?

The same people who supply the Optic Fibre should also have the convertor

How do you remove a water pump in a 1996 Oldsmobile achieva?

The water pump on an achieva is a difficult task, however, i done it. you should really get a book for the car, i recommend haynes, it is really helpful. the water pump is below the exhaust manifold and behind the timing chain. both will have to come off. Make sure when you put it back together you set the timing chain tensioner so it will stay in time and you wont bend any valves, which, bending them is extremely easy to do when your out of time. hope i helped some i have a 96 Oldsmobile achieva sc v6 and to change the water pump was fairly easy you just detach drive belt remove 4 small bolts to detach pulley from water pump the pump itself is then expose remove bolts change pump replace bolts then pulley takes about 20mins hardest part was bracing the pump pulley to break bolts loose

Where is the fuel filter on a 2001 Saturn SC 1?

The fuel pump for the 2001 Saturn SC1 is in the gas tank

Which body of water borders the east coast of sc?

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How do you locate and replace the thermostat for a 1999 Lexus sc 300?

sc300 Lexus is the same as Toyota Avalon or v6 the hood locate your drive belts follow the lower radiator hose at the end right by the water pump inlet is the thermostat two10mmbolts need to come out .removed the alt-a/c belt for easy acces

How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Saturn SC?

1. jack the vehicle up on both sides, use jack stands if possible. 2. Remove Passanger front tire, along with plastic splash shield 3. Drain coolant 4. With serpentine belt still installed, loosen the 3 bolts on the water pump pully, don't take them all the way off, just loosen them. 5. Use a 14mm wrench to reduce tention on the serpentine belt enough so you can slide the belt off 6. Remove the water pump pully bolts, remove pully, or let it rest on the pump shaft. 7. Remove water pump housing bolts (6 of them) and discard the gasket 8. reverse procedure to reinstall new water pump

What country in Africa has the same latitude as Myrtle beach SC?


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