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Is changing the intake manifold gasket on a 1996 Nissan Altima a job that a novice could do?


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2015-07-16 18:02:25
2015-07-16 18:02:25

Depending upon how novice you are! Most likely! This really isn't a hard job its just really time consuming, and a lot of parts to worry about!


This is a difficult job with very tight places, mainly on the manifold to head bolts(10). Everything on the top of the manifold has to be removed( fuel rails, injectors, egr system and pipe, all vacuum hoses and disconnect wires, preferably with labels). Then remove Pcv and breather, first you will have to dimount PS pump and move slightly out of the way to remove breather. Remove the oil filter and starter, you will have to change oil anyway. Manifold to head bolts remove 6 bolts from top ( ratchet, swivel, short sockets and most likely a ratcheting wrench may be necessary). From the bottom the other four bolts are to be removed( difficult/ take your time and use jack stands). After these bolts are removed, you will now remove the five bolts holding manifold to manifold(easy). Remove manifold and clean surfaces and use new gaskets( egr, fuel inj. o-rings, and any other part that was removed using a gasket). Make sure every thing is done correctly and always tighten bolts to specification and tightening sequence laid out by your local dealer.


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Your intake manifold gasket needs to be replaced.

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The only way to get to the intake manifold gasket is to take the head off. I'm working on it right now and so far that is all i can say

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Get a very good mechanic and dont plan on getting your car back the same day. Or buy a new gasket and remove the intake and diy.

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you need to make sure your plugs and wires are ok, if it is still rough 9 out of 10 chances it is your intake manifold gasket.

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The head gasket itself is relatively cheap..around $20 at most but the labor involved with changing it would probably be at least $400 if done in a shop.

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