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Chickens is plural. Chicken is singular.

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Q: Is chickens singular or plural
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What is the plural for 'chickens'?

Chickens is the plural. The singular form is chicken.

What is singular and plural-chicken?

One chicken Two chickens

Is chickens a noun?

Yes, the word 'chickens' is the plural form for the singular noun 'chicken', a word for a type of bird, a word for a living thing.

Can you give 100 examples of plural pronoun?

No, because there are not 100 plural pronouns.The plural pronouns are:weusyou (can be singular or plural)theythemthesethoseouroursyour (can be singular or plural)yours (can be singular or plural)theirtheirsourselvesyourselvesthemselvesbothfewfewermanyothersseveralall (can be singular or plural)any (can be singular or plural)more (can be singular or plural)most (can be singular or plural)none (can be singular or plural)some (can be singular or plural)such (can be singular or plural)

What is plural and what is singular for the word she?

She is singular. The plural of she is they.

Plural for chicken?

chickens plural is chickens

What is an example of a singular subject?

I, you, he, she, one I is singular You is singular/plural He/She/One is singular We is plural They is plural

Is has singular or plural?

"Has" is singular, e.g. He has, she has. "Have" is plural, e.g. They have, we have. The exception is "I" - e.g. I have.

plural example as chlidren and singular as chlid?

singular and plural

What is the Plural possessive of chicken?

The plural form for the noun chicken is chickens; the plural possessive form is chickens'.

Is are plural or singular?

Are is plural. "Is" is singular. For example, "There is a glove on the chair". That is singular. "There are gloves on the chair". That is plural.

What is the plural form of chickens?

"Chickens" is the plural form of "chicken".

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