Is cigarette addiction considered a mental illness?

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January 26, 2007 7:42AM

There have been opinions about this by doctors, but what the

thesis doesn't tell you is they have not done a proper controlled

study of humans. They have taken only people suffering from mental

illness. Of course many of these people smoke, but also, some of

them don't smoke, do drugs or alcohol and sometimes it's because of

the environment they were in or they are trying to deaden the

anxiety they must surely feel. There is absolutely no validity to

the fact people who smoke are connected with mental illness.

Tobacco has been around since at least Biblical times, and during

WW1, WWII and Vietnam, smoking was accepted and it made the person

feel relaxed. There was no big deal back then when people smoked

and many teens (myself included) picked up the habit around their

peers. Back in those days the tobacco was pure, but tobacco

companies (working with the U.S. and Canadian governments) started

to put chemicals into the tobacco to hook teens and thus more sales

for the tobacco companies and more revenue for the government.

Suddenly some governments around the world are trying to blame the

tobacco companies (stabbing them in the back because remember,

these governments knew about these chemicals added to the tobacco)

and to take the heat off themselves and they are now blaming

smokers for everything down to the boil on a person's butt. Be

aware! The tides could turn on non-smokers more than they can ever

realize. If you go into your doctor (with a poor health care system

such as the U.S. and Canada) they could simply say if you aren't a

smoker then it's secondhand smoke! They don't stop to let you know

what quality of air you are breathing from an over abundance of car

exhausts, trucks, buses, etc., not to mention factories, and hey,

how about this one ... they want to burn coal again! If in doubt

get up in the morning, take a white paper towel and clean off your

car windshield and you'll see what you are breathing in. It's one

ugly scene and it has nothing to do with smokers. If non-smokers

would spend 1/8th the time of fighting for better air quality all

around instead of blaming smokers and being rude about it (whining)

then they would be a far better planet. By shouting, name-calling

towards smokers is doing more harm than good and if you don't know

about something then you should learn the history of it and instead

of whining help smokers! Radio shows came on (nurses came on those

shows as well as other medical staff) and said there was no

correlation with all lung cancers and smoking because many of the

patients they treated with lung cancer never smoked! I told my

husband "Just watch, the next thing you will hear is secondhand

smoke is the culprit for society's woes." Even the B.C. Lung

Assoc., has told white lies and I called them (have it on tape) and

their percentages are merely "guesstimates" with no validity to

their statement. I rest my case! There is absolutely no proof that

cigarette smoke causes many of the diseases they would have you

believe or, that secondhand smoke will shave years off your life if

you are a non-smoker. They lie about the percentages of people that

still go to the pubs for that beer and that just as many (if not

more) patrons are coming in because there is no smoking. I for one

(among others) did a survey in Vancouver and in my hometown asking

if the percentage of patrons were the same or more since the no

smoking law came in and there was a 30 - 37% loss of customers and

it was hurting their business. Thus, we now have "smoking rooms" or

you can smoke outside on a summer afternoon or evening. By no means

am I stating that smoking is good for one, but neither are pill

poppers for Valium, etc., or alcohol or food junkies. I warned

people that if they didn't fight for their rights (including

smokers, but having a place to smoke so it's fair to the

non-smokers) the next thing the governments would be telling us is

that there are too many fat people and here you have it folks! It's

started! Our governments are dictating what we smoke, drink, eat,

and if you are fat you may just well not get that operation you

need. I received a phone call asking if I would considered leaving

my organs after I'm deceased. I told them I was a smoker and no I

wasn't leaving my organs. I got "Oh, that's OK!!!!" You can't have

it both ways, either a smoker is the walking dead and you don't

want to leave your organs or smokers are not as bad as one has

others believe and want those organs. I am in the process of trying

to quit smoking and it's difficult. If my government truly cared

for my health then why don't they put their money where their

mouths are like New Zealand and pay for the patches or any aid to

help one get over the rough spots of smoking? Simple, they don't

care! We have to be so careful not to have a dictatorship in our

governments, that things such as smoking can work with non-smokers

(having another place for smokers to go too if they want a

cigarette) and, that people have the constitutional right to eat

what they want and not have a government tell them they are too

fat. We are adults and should be able to make our own choices. Last

time I looked I wasn't in a Communist country!

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