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No, the city of Cork is in southern Ireland, County of Cork.

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Q: Is city cork in northern of Ireland?
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Related questions

Is there a town in Northern Ireland named Cork?

No, Cork city is a major city in Co.Cork in the Republic of Ireland, not Northern Ireland.

Is Cork in Northern Ireland?

No. Cork is in the Republic of Ireland.

Is cork northern or southern Ireland?

Cork is in the south of Ireland

What is the telephone area code for Cork City Ireland from Belfast Northern Ireland?

0035321 + the local number

Which is the second biggest city of Ireland?

Republic of Ireland: Dublin City - 506,500 Cork City - 198,000 Northern Ireland: Belfast - 267,500 Derry - 90,663

Why is Ireland named the city of cork?

Ireland is not named the city of Cork. Ireland is a country, which has a capital city called Dublin. Cork city is the major city in the Irish county of Cork.

What are the three major cities in Ireland and why?

Dublin is the capital and largest city. Cork is the largest city in the south of Ireland and main city in the province of Munster. Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland.

Is county cork in northern Ireland?

no its to the very south of ireland

What is the postal code for Cork City Ireland?

Ireland does not have postal codes. Such a letter could be addressed like this: Mr Joe Bloggs 1 Main Street Cork Ireland The city council's address is: Cork City Council City Hall Cork Ireland If you have a street or area within the city, it should be included: Cork City Fire Department, Central Fire Station, Anglesea Street, Cork, Ireland. Cork University Hospital, Wilton, Cork, Ireland For towns outside the city of Cork, but in the county, you would have "County Cork" or "Co. Cork" instead of Cork. The Castle Hotel and Leisure Centre Main Street, Macroom, Co. Cork Ireland

Is Cork part of Northern Ireland?

No. No it isn't...

Is Cork in Ireland?

Yes. Cork is the name of the largest county in Ireland. It is also the name of the second city of Ireland, which is in county Cork.

What is the fourth largest city in Ireland?

Waterford City - after Dublin, Cork & Limerick Cities. Some would argue that Belfast is the 2nd largest city in Ireland thus making Limerick the 4th city in Ireland but that is incorrect. As Belfast is in Northern Ireland, a seperate "entity" to Ireland the 4 largest cities in Ireland are as above Dublin, Cork, Limerick & Waterford

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