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Is a joke?


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December 13, 2011 11:16AM

Oddly enough it is not. It is a forum for conservatives to spread their take on the world. It seems to be information filtered through the glasses of conservatism. Much like Fox News vs MSNBC (conservative politics vs liberal politics) it is merely a website boasting a standpoint. While I would not use their articles as unbiased report, I would use them as informative and an insight into how today's conservative culture is seeing the world around them.

**But I do know that the more liberal one is in their world view the more of a joke it will seem, and vice versa.**

Also, note that the site generally is Conservative from a religious and social standpoint, not a political one (though, the distinction can be hard to make). That is, the site concentrates on social and religious conservatism, not economic or political (theory) conservatism.