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Hi there I apologize to you and didn't realize this was about you. Good for you! You made absolutely the right decision! My bet is this guy was an abuser. Only abusers hunt down their prey so they can have control over them to do their biding. Why on earth would you date someone you love just to change them? Think about that one. You're one smart girl and you did the right thing! I am so proud of you because that means you are independent and a very strong young woman. I always went by rule of thumb ... when I realized that I didn't need a man in my life that's when I knew I was independent and had real inner strength. From then on my relationships seemed like a piece of cake and then I met my wonderful husband and we've been married for 34 years. Good luck hon Marcy Yes it is. Many people don't mean too, but the human race is really a piece of work. We fall in love with that person, then sometimes, when we get to know them better we try to change them. I did the same thing when younger, but since I've gotten older I realize all the things I saw in my husband (even when we dated) haven't really changed and my slight annoyances re him are only because we know each other so well and we can get on each other's nerves which means we need some space for a bit. I believe most couples go through this. Remember, you aren't perfect and certainly must have annoying habits and he apparently loves you and puts up with it, so lay off the poor guy. You should be proud of him and none of us are 100% perfect .... not even you! Marcy * Marcy... i posted this FAQ, coz in my case, its my (ex) partner who was constantly trying to change me, and it didnt feel nice at all, so i ended it... In fact he said he entered the relationship thinking that he could "change" me to suit his needs...

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Q: Is constantly trying to change your partner to suit your needs a form of emotional abuse?
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physical abuse verbal abuse putting you under pressure emotional abuse for signs of it: constantly checking to see where you are, not wanting you to hang out with friends of the opposite gender, wanting you to check in with them constantly, saying you are not allowed to do something, not wanting you to go anywhere without them, trying to make you completely depend on them (financially, emotionally, etc.), making you feel guilty for things you shouldn't, yelling at you one second then apologizing seconds later, trying to intimidate you into doing what you want, and many others.

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