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Is cooking with Plastics in microwave dangerous?

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Some plastics were not designed to handle or hold very hot liquids. Boiling a liquid in a plastic bowl that might melt or become flimsy could be considered "dangerous". I imagine that there may even be few types of plastic out there that do not react well to microwave radiation and may outgas if heated in such a manner.

2008-01-24 04:06:43
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Witch vassele you should use to cooking in microwave?

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Does microwave cooking change your food?

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What is microwave cooking and how does it allow cooking of food?

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What is a description of the microwave oven?

A microwave oven is a cooking appliance, which is predominantly used for more rapid cooking

Can I adjust the Microwave from low to high cooking temperatures?

Yes you can adjust the cooking temperature that this microwave will use.

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What advantages are there to microwave cooking?

Advantages of microwave cooking are varied. If a microwave is properly used, it can make almost anything that an oven can. You can temper chocolate, make souffles, make a roast, and much more. There are books you can buy that are all about microwave cooking.

Is plastic safe to use in a microwave?

While there are some plastics that are said to be safe in microwave ovens, they are not advised because of the leaching of the chemicals in the plastics. Glass is a much better alternative.

What are the parts and functions of microwave oven?

A Microwave Oven is a cooking appliance which is predominantly used for more rapid cooking.

Is microwave cooking safe?

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What are the recommendations for cooking eggs in the microwave?

You will have to pierce the egg, otherwise the egg would explode in the microwave. You can also purchase utensils for cooking eggs in the microwave that will automatically pierce the egg & shell.

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Do you need to turn off a microwave when it is done cooking?

when a microwave is done cooking, it generally beeps, you then open it, then you close it, then it shows you the time. A microwave is never really OFF, and there is nothing that you, as the consumer, need to do to.

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