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Depreciation is not a manufacturing labor rather it is manufacturing overhead as machines used in manufacturing is not part of labor rather it is part of overhead.

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2014-12-21 05:24:06
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Q: Is depreciation manufacturing labor
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Is depreciation on manufacturing equipment a variable cost?

Depreciation of manufacturing equipment is fixed cost because that cost will incurred no matter how much units produced.

Is depreciation direct cost?

Only depreciation for all those fixed assets which directly involve in manufacturing of production volume is part of direct cost while all other depreciation is not part of direct cost and included in indirect cost classification.

What are the arguments in favor of treating fixed manufacturing overhead cost as period costs?

Fixed manufacturing cost is treated as period cost because it has to be incurred no matter there is any production or not like machinery depreciation or building depreciation etc these kinds of costs cannot be eleminate in short run.

Manufacturing overhead is 20 direct labor is 45000 and direct materials are 53000 what is the manufacturing overhead?


Definition of full costing method?

a.k.a. Absorption Costing, is a method that includes direct manufacturing costs as well as indirect manufacturing costs such as machine depreciation and factory. (GAAP Required)

What is the labor cost of car manufacturing?

as much as the union wants it to be

What is the average direct labor cost in manufacturing?

Average direct labor cost is the opening direct labor cost + closing direct labor cost / 2

Direct and indirect labor costs?

Direct labor cost is that labor which directly related with manufacturing of products like machine workers etc while indirect labor cost is that labor cost which directly not manufacturing product but required as well like line mangers or factory supervisors salary etc.

Is depreciation on plant and machinery part of conversion cost?

yes. The plant is used in the manufacturing process and tehrefor it is a direcct cost d

Manufacturing overhead combined with direct labor forms prime costs?

Formula for prime cost = direct material + direct laborFormula for conversion cost = direct labor + manufacturing overheads

Was the labor supply in New England was suitable for textile manufacturing?


Why did cheaper overseas labor have little impact on the sanitary paper products industry?

The capital-intensive nature of paper manufacturing means that cheaper overseas labor has less of an impact on manufacturing costs than in other, more labor-intensive industries.

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