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yes it is and it is also piracy. Lets say you were a singer and you made music for a living. You did pretty well as a singer but all of a sudden you are not doing so well because of your music sales. Then you lose money because you only make a percentage of your record sales. Wouldn't you be upset cause you was losing money because no one was buying your music from the stores? They said what the heck I have a computer and I will just download it for free....wait hold up it's not free. It's costing someone money somewhere, nothing in life is free. First of all your computer wasn't free either was your internet service someone had to pay for it. Either you or whoever pays the internet bill. But just because you can get it for free off the internet means it is right or legal. Someone had to pay for it. just go buy it legally. you'll feel better about your choice because you'll know you paid for it already. Who cares if the other people you know do it all the time? They are the ones who will get caught and have to pay the price. Answer It depends on whether the copyright owner posts the file on the internet, or if the copy was stolen or misused. If someone has an authorized recording of a live version of a song, posting it on the internet grants an implied license of anyone to download a copy for their own personal use (not to make a profit from it). Making a bootleg recording of a live performance is illegal, and posting or downloading copies of illegal material is also illegal. It is illegal to download copyrighted music from the web without the artist's consent. If the artist distributed, or encourages, the distributions of his/her music on the web, then it is legal.

Many bands, though, do have an "Open Tapers" policy that allow people to tape their concerts and distribute it throughout the web as long as it is not sold. You will want to check at the band's website for information on that.

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Q: Is downloading a recorded live version of a song from a concert copyright infringement?
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Yes. Assuming the music in question is still under copyright protection you must seek proper permission to perform it in public otherwise you run the risk of prosecution for infringement.

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What are the copyright laws if you go to a concert film an artist and want to post it on your website?

Legally you own the copyright to your video of the concert. However you do not own the copyrights to the subject matter of the video (ie music, lyrics, etc) and before putting it up for public display you would have to seek permission.

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The taking of video, stills or audio at any live concert, musical, stage show is prohibited under copyright

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