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if you mean installing a rented game to the xbox rather than downloading, two different things.

that means copyright so it is illegal


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It all depends on what game, when it came out, and if it is new or rented. Otherwise there is no set pice for each Xbox game.

If it's a commercial game then yes, it is illegal.

-For example, downloading songs is illegal because there will be no profit for the providers of the album. This is a bit like cheating in a game. -I fancy Georgina Miners!

A full game download like downloading the cd or a market place game

Because its mad with you for humping the floor :-)

Just go back to the game you are downloading and select download again.

I think it is illegal to modify a game save on the Xbox 360 because you are editing a genuine save file which shouldn't really be messed with.

Assuming you're referring to making a copy of a game rented from Family Video or Movie Gallery, yes, it's illegal.

There are many ways to do this. One is downloading bought games off xbox live marketplace, also you can rip games from a CD of yours. Doing this will make the game load faster unless you play it online. There is also a possibility to add homebrew to your xbox which is illegal but works.

No, that would be the start of pirating the game. Pirating games is illegal.

Le voyeur was here. ~Voyeur. I do NOT recommend downloading the game. As it is illegal. Please support the original owners of the game and buy it, rather than downloading the game illegaly.

yes you can play games while you are downloading cause i have proved by doing it loads of times BUT ONLY SOME GAMES WILL LET YOU

No. Downloads automatically pause while running Netflix.

There is no such game by that name at this time (December 2010). However, Nintendo has copyrighted the name in advance, so any game by that name is not only fake, but illegal.

Yes games are sold and downloading them is against copyright laws

You can by creating a image of the disk on your computer. This isnt illegal as you are backing up your purchased game. However, playing is backed up game is illegal because you will need to mod your Xbox 360.

Downloading pirated copies of video games is an illegal things and hence not recommended. You can download the game from developer’s website after acquiring license. You can also buy the game CD online.

PSP games are copyrighted pieces of software. They are not public domain. Downloading any PSP game without paying the publisher/developer is illegal.

You Can't they're illegal in Ireland Be cause they are Unrated

Yes, the game can be found on xbox through a illegal hack, if you want to go to prison or face a fine

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