Is downloading songs for free legal or illegal?

It depends on the songs, the sources, and what agreements the sites have made with the songwriters and performers regarding the free distribution of their works. In some cases performers will allow and even encourage fans to freely download material however, but unless this is made quite clear in writing, it is unlikely to find a free, legal download source.

There are quite a few clients out there that allow you to buy music. They usually entail a paid subscription in addition to the cost of the songs you download. Some sites allow you to stream music for free, but not download. You might also consider discovering some music from independent artists who allow free downloads as part of the Creative Commons license.

Basically, when you get music that you don't pay for, it's stealing. Whether or not you think artists get paid too much, agree with the concept of paying for art and music, etc., the deal is to trade one thing for another (in this case, money for music). If musicians can't get paid for their work, then the incentive to make music goes away. With radio, advertisers pay for the cost of the music that plays so you don't have to. In exchange, they get air time for their advertisements so that the arrangement is mutually beneficial.
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