Is downloading video from YouTube legal?

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It's only as legal as the video itself that was uploaded. If copyrighted material was uploaded illegally, then it would also be illegal to download it onto your machine. If you are caught with illegal videos, the penalties will cost much more than if you had just bought the item in the first place.
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How do you download videos from YouTube?

The YouTube Terms of Service only allows you to download videos which have a 'Download' link on them. Clicking this link will start the download for you. . You shall not copy or download any User Submission unless you see a "download" or similar link displayed by YouTube on the YouTube Website f ( Full Answer )

Is YouTube video conversions legal?

Yes, it's still illegal to just download the audio and not the video from any copyrighted material. If you post videos (and sometimes audio) on youtube then you'll get them yanked quickly. They are really coming down on people that take copyrighted material these days.

Can you download YouTube videos on your ipod?

Yes you can its very simple, 1. You have to make sure you have java script 2.Then you have to copy the URL of the youtube video 3.Next you go to 4.then u paste the URL in the designated box and press downoad 5.Then it will give u different formats to download choose MP4 Then u just downl ( Full Answer )

How do you download videos onto YouTube?

if u made a video on windows movie maker then you have to press file then publish. then click my computer then press finish then go on youtube click upload which is in the top right of your screen then click upload video then go into the file where you saved your video then add a name for your vide ( Full Answer )

Is downloading from YouTube legal?

Yes, downloading from YouTube is legal except when the materialuploaded to Youtube is copyright by a third party and that partyhas not given express and written permission to the uploader topublish it. Theoretically this situation could be prosecuted as apirate, even though Youtube hosted the data a ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to download YouTube videos through veoh?

no problem if not for money.. u can try E.M. Youtube video download tool.. it works perfect.. It can download video from youtube , myspace, veoh, yahoo or any other video websites autoamtically. .

Is it illegal to download YouTube videos?

It depends on what types of YouTube videos whether they are copyrighted or not. Downloading copyrighted YouTube videos, yes that is illegal. . Downloading sex videos from YouTube, yes that is also illegal. . Downloading videos from YouTube that are related to gameplays, airplanes, cars, ships, how ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to download videos from YouTube?

It depends what videos you want to download, if the video you download has copyright on it(songs,tv shows). No. where as if its a video without copyright. Yes.

Is downloading YouTube videos legal?

If by downloading you mean watching them online, then yes, its legal. If by downloading you mean making your own copy, then probably not.

Is it legal to download YouTube Video onto CD?

yes, if not for money.. u can try E.M. Youtube video download tool.. it works perfect.. It can download video from youtube , myspace, veoh, yahoo or any other video websites autoamtically.. (1)download youtube video; (2)Convert the video to CD audio(.wav) or VCD/SVCD/DVD Video format(.mpg); ( Full Answer )

How do you download videos off of YouTube?

This is a very simple thing actually 1. Find the video on youtube and copy the URL 2. Open up 3. Select the type of format of the file 4. Paste the URL into the yellow bar and press start 5. it will then resolve the video and it then downloads it 6. Play the video 7. There you go Maxy661 ( Full Answer )

How do you legally download videos from YouTube to an MP3 player?

You shall not download any Content unless you see a "download" or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content.. Unless a download link is present for a YouTube video, it is against the YouTube Terms of Use to download videos/soundtracks from YouTube.

How do you download YouTube videos to a Ipod?

Use comet bird as a browser. Then you have the option of saving video content in an FLV file. You can later convert this FLV file to AVI or other by using any standard video converter.

Is it legal to download mp3 from YouTube?

Hell yeah! There are many youtube to mp3 for us to but.. we only get the songs so when you look under artists it comes as empty. That's why some people buy from itunes and also because you don't get the picture.

Can you download YouTube videos on the Zune?

Yes you can download youtube videos to a zune, you just convert YouTube Video format to the format that zune needed, you can get it for one utility. iCoolsoft may help ig you get more ideal. you canrefer to the following website:

How do you download restricted videos from YouTube?

Type in c-net youtube downloader in google go on website. Download this software, its free and safe (check with your download security software) and it will enable you to download any video you want and convert them, DO NOT SELL items, just use them for your own purposes, copyright terms apply.

How do you download videos from YouTube into a folder?

It's a little tricky. If you use Veoh or Realplayer, you should be able to download supported content and burn it to a disk. Then, if you rip it to windows media center, it should be in your computer files. If you really wanna go the extra mile, you can place it in wmm and create a shortcut to the v ( Full Answer )

How do you download videos from YouTube on Linux?

Almost any web-based tool for downloading videos (such as on Javimoya) can be used on Linux as well. If you use Firefox, there is also a plugin to help automate the process (so you don't have to go to Javimoya constantly).

How can you download videos from YouTube to iTunes?

Install a Youtube Download Software like YouTube Downloader or Realtime Converter. Both work very well but Youtube Downloader is faster. Just search them up on the Internet and find a good website. Go onto and find a video you want. If using YouTube Downloader, open the program then past ( Full Answer )

How can you download YouTube videos for Mac?

i have heard of a product that's on mac but im not to shor that it really excists, its called MXTube. Its also on iPod Cydia If you want to download youtube videos for mac, you can use this iSkysoft iTube Studio for Mac , which is the best YouTube Downloader Mac , it helps you download videos ( Full Answer )

Can i download movies from YouTube is it legal?

There are different viewpoints toward these problems. Of course, YouTube thinks that it's illegal to download video from itself. It's OK to download youtube video for personal use.

How you can download videos from YouTube?

Youtube change their web site from time to time. While you can find hacks to grab the video from the cache, or use Safari's activity window, you can also browse for software on Also take a look at extensions for Safari or Fire ( Full Answer )

How do you download YouTube videos on to Facebook?

You don't really "Download" videos from YouTube to FaceBook. In others words, "download" is the incorrect word to use. 1. Go to YouTube and choose the video you want to "share". 2. Click the button on the bottom of the YouTube video that reads "Share" and has a FaceBook, Twitter, and E-mail sym ( Full Answer )

How do i block a youtube video to download?

Try to use Namo CyberFence, it allows you to check and find out what videos they watch, and they can block the harmful videos from playing..

Is converting YouTube videos to mp3 and downloading them legal?

Well, you need to use a certain program to download the videos. you can convert it to mp3, but, YouTube can track the audio to any related videos, and you can get into quite serious trouble with the WMG, UMG, YouTube company, and the owner can file copyright infringment. so, u can do that, but, do ( Full Answer )

Is downloading YouTubes videos illegal?

It's a very grey area. YouTube's TOS prohibits its users formdownloading from the site full stop (except if they permit it) andcopyright holders own the content. If you are copying from YouTubeit may be considered akin to recording a VHS (which is fullylegal).

How do you do download a video from youtube?

In the vast majority of cases it is illegal to do so as most are copyright material. Check first. For those that are in the public domain there are many download managers and programs to save videos and music to a drive.

Is downloading only the audio of a Youtube video legal?

It depends if the audio of the video is protected by copyright. For instance, if you are talking about using Youtube to download music, (which is what I'm assuming you have in mind since one of your tags is 'iPod,') then no, it is not legal. Let's say, however, you want to download the audio of a ne ( Full Answer )

How can you download a video from YouTube on to the computer?

Use for download youtube videos in differentformats ( 4K and 3D also Available ) .You can search any video anddownload it. Download the Free Studio from It's free. There'sthis thing on there called "free youtube download" or whatever. Andit comes with some other ( Full Answer )

How do you download music from YouTube videos?

Currently, it is not possible to download only the audio track of a specific YouTube video. You can however, use a real life video recorder or any other voice recording device to record the music in a certain YouTube video.

Where can someone download YouTube videos?

First, a youtube account is needed. Then go to the video that is wanted to be downnloaded. Simply just edit the video and drop it into a folder. That should do the trick.

Is YouTube videos legal?

Yes, the majority of the videos on YouTube are legal. There are smecopyrighted songs though, but they will either be eventuallyremoved or remarketed in due time. Also, Youtube removes videos ofillegal activities according to world law as well, so you shouldn'tbe seeing videos that violate laws eithe ( Full Answer )

How can a person download videos from YouTube?

YouTube offers many people some fantastic full length movies and quite often their site users will want to download the videos from YouTube to their computer. The Mashable website offers instructions on how this can be done.

How do you download YouTube videos to and mp4?

Unfortunately YouTube does not allow a user to download videos. Wemay need to use some third party online/stand alone applications. There are many applications to download videos from YouTube. And I know 4KDownload is a leading application, its free and easy touse. Just download and install on your ( Full Answer )

How can one download a YouTube video?

One can download a YouTube video by going to websites like KeepVid or by downloading a software. One universal necessity for downloading a YouTube video is having the URL or being on the video page itself.

Is it legal to upload a video in YouTube?

Yes, if you own all rights to the content in the video, it is legalto upload your video to YouTube. If any graphics, images, or sound,are owned by someone else though, you may not be able to upload thevideo to YouTube due to copyright.

Does YouTube play videos or download them?

When you play a video on YouTube, you send a request to the YouTubeservers to begin uploading the video file onto your computerbrowser. This is what allows you to watch the videos on thewebsite.