Is earning money through television haram?

In Arabic the word "haraam" means "forbidden" by Islam. The term is most commonly applied to harmful behaviour such as drinking alcohol or having sexual relations outside of marriage. Naturally if drinking alcohol is forbidden then alcohol itself becomes tainted and forbidden. Similarly for pork and certain other foods.

The term haraam can also be applied to any other activity that causes harm to people. That includes stealing, cheating and any form of dishonesty. It also includes worship of idols which is why images, such as those of pop singers and movie stars, are seen as haraam.

As the world of television is full of greed, corruption and images of idols, it is often accused of poor taste. However, like everything in life, we need to distinguish between right and wrong as committed by real live people.

News and current affairs, documentaries, educational programs and children's entertainment are not harmful. Adult entertainment and some comedy shows are often borderline. Any program promoting alcohol, sex, violence or drugs is haraam by any standard of Islam.