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Q: Is everyone in the US protected by the law?
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Was everyone protected by the law in ancient athens?


Is everyone protected by the law in ancinet Athens?


How are people protected from copyright law?

This is a curious question, to which the completely correct answer is "they aren't." Copyright law affects everyone.

Are the koalas protected from the law?

No. They are protected by the law. With few exceptions, all Australian indigenous wildlife is protected by law.

What can Hammurabi's Code of Law tell us about the Sumerians?

not everyone was equal. or not everyone had jobs or not everyone had to obey.

What protected the roman citizens from unfair treatment?

Roman citizens were protected by Roman law.Roman citizens were protected by Roman law.Roman citizens were protected by Roman law.Roman citizens were protected by Roman law.Roman citizens were protected by Roman law.Roman citizens were protected by Roman law.Roman citizens were protected by Roman law.Roman citizens were protected by Roman law.Roman citizens were protected by Roman law.

Are jellyfish protected by law?

Jellyfish will get prosecuted if they commit a crime, just like everyone else. Why should they get special privileges?!

What are freedoms protected by a government's law?

Amendments are freedoms protected by law.

Are sites that glorify self-injury punishable by law in the US?

No, they are protected by the first amendment.

Why are some animals protected by law?

some animals are protected by law because they are endangered and if not protected they could be killed and become extinct

Is humpback whales protected by law?

yes thay are protected by the internation law

Is the word gream copyrighted?

A single word cannot be protected by copyright. As a product name, it can be protected by trademark law. In the US, there are no registered trademarks for the word "gream."

How is the media protected in the US?

Based on the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution, the media meaning to mean the news media is protected by the freedom of speech clause in the First Amendment. This also protects everyone from censure by the government.

Works such as books are protected by what law?

Books and other literary works are protected by copyright law.

Why can a brand name not be protected by a patent?

Brand names are protected by trademark law, not patent law.

The addition of a Bill of Rights to the US Constitution meant that?

a list of individual rights would be protected by law

Is the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher protected by law?

All native migratory birds are protected by federal law.

Is it legal to kill a turkey vulture?

No- Vultures, buzzards condors- all carrion birds are protected by law in the US.

Works such as books. ideas. and inventions are referred to as . and they are protected by law?

They are referred to as intellectual property. They are protected by copyright law.

How long does the copyright law protect copyrighted material?

In the US, works are protected for the life of the author plus 70 years. Works of corporate authorship are protected for 95 years from publication.

When can copyright laws be copied?

US copyright laws can be copied to your heart's content, because as works of the US Government, they are not protected by copyright law, in accordance with...themselves.

Can you keep a robin in captivity?

All native migratory birds in the US are protected by law. A license is required to keep any of them

Is copyrighted if there is nothing that says so?

Under US law a copyright notice has not necessary since 1989, for a work to be protected

What does the law say about copyrighting?

When a licensed product has a copyright protected sign, it is protected from being copied by other companies. "Protected by law" Watch MANNY AND LOLA on facebook

What law sends a person to jail without trial?

There is no law that says such thing. According to the US constitution, everyone has the right to a fair trial.