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Is fast food declining in popularity?

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I don't think that it is. But the issue now is healthy fast food.

No, just look around at all the fast food places. Fast food is here to stay for generations to come

I would love to say yes but sadly it is a no

2010-06-16 08:50:52
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What are the causes and effects of the popularity of fast food restaurants?

what are the causes of popularity of fast food restaurants?

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What are the effects of the popularity of fast food restaurants?

well more people seem to go to fast food and then the fast food restaurants expand and take up more land.

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depends on who you ask. i say growing.

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How does the media affect teen food choices?

Too true about advertising and food choices with kids, a meal at your local fast food place promises fun, cool items, and instant popularity when you share your fries.

Why is fast food called fast food?

Fast food is called fast food because they give it to you fast and it will make you fat fast.

Competitive advantage in the fast-food business?

McDonald's large quantity of stores (more than double its competitors), and the popularity of its brand logo.

What are the causes and effects of popularity of fast food restaurants?

there quick, easy to get to, pretty cheap, and open up jobs for people that didnt get a highschool diploma.

Causes for the popularity of fastfood restorents?

The causes for the popularity of fastfood restaurants: #1- They are quick (hent the word 'fast') #2 They are convenient to get to ! #3 The food tastes very good (obviously, theres fat in it.) And the number #4 It is inexpensive !

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Wicker furniture will never decline in popularity! It is an old staple for sumemr and beach homes across the country. Its durable and beautiful, making it a perfect fit for these types of homes.

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Declining seriously means falling fast. Example: Retailers report that this year's Christmas/Holiday profits have declined seriously compared to last year.

What is the problem assiciated with a declining population size?

scarce food supplies

What are some reasons that people prefer eating at a fast food restaurant?

FAMILY FEUD ANSWERS!!!!1. fast late4.good foodThere are many different reasons for the growing popularity of fast food restaurants. As families become busier, fast food is quicker than cooking a meal. Fast food is also cheap, which is a plus for many families in the hard economic times. Many families are choosing fast food over going out to a sit-down restaurant. Also, the additives in fast food can be addicting, causing many people to visit two, three, or four times a week. Hope this helps!

Why do people called fast food fast food?

Simple, because fast food grant people a fast way to death.... Also people called fast food because fast food is quick to make and usually fast food aren't healthy similar to junk food. People who eat fast food everyday in America are usually obese and fat. (No offense)

What is a fast food?

Fast food is food that you can have on the go. An example is KFC.

Is there such thing as fast food?

There is such a thing as fast food. Fast food is prepared quickly and is a quick meal.

What is fast food center?

What is fast food center

What do you get when you cross food and a cheetah?

Fast food because you have food and a cheetah, a cheetah is fast so you combine them together and get fast food

Trends and issues in the food service industry?

The food service industry has evolved to become more competitive. Nowadays, there is pressure to provide high quality food and fast service at a low cost. Also, an important trend is the growing popularity of healthy choices.

Advantages of fast food?

whats are the advantages of fast food restaurants? whats are the disadvantages of fast food restaurants?

What is the duration of Fast Food Fast Women?

The duration of Fast Food Fast Women is 1.58 hours.