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Is feeling weird when you are sitting down a symptom of pregnancy?

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Doesn't sound like one to me. Take a home test or go see a doctor if you think your pregnant.

2015-07-16 18:10:52
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Is a sore throat and a weird feeling in stomache a sign of pregnancy?

yes, it is , for my kind of information it is.

When you urinate there is drops of blood afterwards and a weird feeling?

Just drops of blood no weird feeling

Is butterflies or fluttering in the stomach an early symptom of pregnancy?

Before I found out I was pregnant I had a really weird sensation in my stomach... the only way I could describe it was 'butterflies', however it was almost like a combination between a feeling of being really happy and really nervous all at once. It would come and go and it just felt different. I knew if I were pregnant it would be waaaay to early to feel anything but this odd sensation made me suspect pregnancy. Sure enough, I am now 10 weeks so yes, definately, 'butterflies' in the stomach can be an early symptom of pregnancy!

What is that weird feeling in your stomach you get when your around someone you like?

that weird feeling is just you being nervous. I'm not sure how you get the feeling, but i recommend asking a doctor.

What does it mean when you have a weird feeling in your chest does it mean that your in love?

heartburn Answer It depends on When you get the weird feeling in your chest. There are a lot of different things that could cause it. However, if you getting that weird feeling in your chest when you are around a certain girl it could be anxiety (nervousness) causing it.

Who is KSHDA?

Well i know her. i am sitting next 2 her! hahahahah0 I AM SITTING NEXT 2 HER. SHE IS WEIRD.

What should you do if you don't know if he ejaculated inside you or not and you feel weird Could you be pregnant?

You could be. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period. The 'weirdness' that you say you are feeling could be because of pregnancy, but it could also be because you are scared that you may be pregnant

Could you be pregnant if you have a weird feeling in your stomach very tired hungry moody pee a lot and your breast hurt?

you certainly could be, i would suggest a $5 pregnancy test from a supermarket.

What is that weird feeling in your stomach when your with a guy you like?

that is nervousness

You have this tight stretchy feeling around your pants line and you get this weird feeling every once in a while whats the percent chance you are pregnant if you had sex on a fertile day?

You could be pregnant, but those symptoms on their own would not indicate pregnancy, but having sex on a fertile day means there is a good chance you could be. Get a pregnancy test done to be sure.

What are some early symptoms of pregnancy?

# missed period # Implantation bleeding # feeling sick # headaches # weird feeling in belly # metallic taste in mouth # losing/gaining weight # hungry # feeling faint/dizzy # sore boobs # just feeling pregnant # temperature rises # tiredness Your mind can also trick you as well it happens to most people !!!!!

A dark line just appeared under your naval and you have been feeling really weird Could you be pregnant?

The dark line (linea negra) is associated with pregnancy, but could appear for other reasons. So, yes, maybe, but not knowing what the "weird" symptoms are, I wouldn't want to guess.

When i am not around my crush i have this weird feeling in my stomach when i think of him But when i am around him i don't seem to have this feeling Do i like him?


Is it normal for a guy to get a weird feeling when his crush is not around?


Do you get a spiritual or weird feeling while playing or listening to music?

You can get a spiritual feeling while playing or listening to music. Some people may feel weird when listening to certain music.

What Impact the society has on teenage pregnancy?

your very weird for asking this

Orihime and ulquiorra?

Yeah that's what everyone is asking he has weird feeling for her.

What does it mean if you get this awkward feeling around a boy?

hes weird or you lik him

What does it mean if you get a weird feeling when your near someone?

It means trust your intuition.

Is dry cough a symptom of antibiotic overdose in child?

If it's the only "symptom" you may not considere it as a red flag. It is probably the active infection symptom (or a virus infection symptom). It there is other weird symptoms (dizziness, confusion, drowsiness) and you think your child may be overdosed, you should seek medical help.

What does it mean if you dream a cow swallowing a pregnant woman?

If you are pregnant, this is a good example of the sort of weird dreams that are common during pregnancy, because of shifting hormones effecting your dreams. It simply expresses your feeling "as big as a cow." In other words, the cow symbolizes the pregnancy that has "consumed" your entire life.

What should you do when your boyfriend acts weird?

Take him to a doctor. Weirdness is a symptom for a number of diseases, either mental or physical.

Is it possible to feel a movement in your belly at a couple of weeks of pregnancy?

No, it is much more likely that you are feeling gas moving through the small and large intestines! The pregnancy hormone has effects on many abdominal structures, including the stomach, intestines, uterus, ligaments, etc. As your body adjusts in the first trimester, you can have all kinds of weird sensations. Don't let what you've heard about pregnancy get too far ahead of where you are in your pregnancy.

Is acting weird a sign of pregnancy?

Some times the males behave in weird way. It does not mean that he is pregnant. That will be too much to for to make it a sign of pregnancy. There are very simple and inexpensive methods to know whether you are pregnant or not.

If your a girl how do you know your feeling horny?

=You know your feeling horny when you get a weird feeling down in yourprivate area, don't worry this is normal it's just a sign of puberty.=