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B/K is very seldom the BEST way. How much CAN you pay on a REGULAR basis and still live?? $50.00 a month? %40.00?? That may be cheaper(per month) than garnishment. You can hold your head up and say "I pay my bills". Whatever.. That is the BEST way, pay your contracted debts and get on the way to a debt free life. Live within your means. Save for the bad times. All that stuff you DIDNT want to hear. If you still want to do the B/K way, call a B/K attorney for a free consultation. They make a living doing it. Good Luck.

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Q: Is filing bankruptcy the best route to take if the finance company is threatening to sue you and garnish your wages if you are not able to pay the settlement amount in one lump sum?
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How do you find a finance company to finance a house during chapter 13 bankruptcy?

In a rough market such as this one, you can't!

In a bankruptcy do you lose your motorcycle?

If you owe a finance company for it, they may reposess the motorcycle.

Do you still owe if you finance a car and the finance company goes bankrupt?

Yes, legally you owe them the money which they will still bill you for monthly. However, they will only stop lending they will not forgive your debt. They have that in there bankruptcy which when finalized will be bought by another institution. Ex. When a bank files bankruptcy they sell all of their loan notes for a cash settlement to another institution. Which helps them payoff outstanding debts owed by the company. You will not get out of paying for your car.

Why won't they finance autos?

There are several reasons on why a finance company will not finance someone. the main reason is a repossession after a bankruptcy. Another main reason is the "lender" sees that you are about to file bankruptcy or they find out you are about to. It is very hard to finance based on cost and mobility. Sometime a mortgage is easier to get because you cannot move a house to the opposite coast overnight. Those are just a few reasons on why a finance company might not finance you.

Can you sue the repo man if he takes the truck after you filed bankruptcy?

(A): "Can you sue the repo man if he takes your truck after you filed bankruptcy?" (B): The answer is "No". The truck is the property of the dealer, or finance company, until your final payment to them is made, and the receiver in bankruptcy may not seize property of which title belongs to a second party (dealer or finance company). Chris

A Finance company to finance sales for your Company?

My company doe's home improvements.Need a finance company to finance

What happen if you file bankruptcy and have not been discharged and buy a car and have it finance?

If you file bankruptcy and you have not been discharged the car that you buy can be used to finance it.

How do you finance out of Bankruptcy?

File for bankruptcy and then try and start over. Your credit will be messed up though.

When was Home Finance Company created?

Home Finance Company was created in 1990.

What happens to a loan if a finance corporation files for bankruptcy?

Nothing spectacular happens. And you are still liable for the loan payments. Most bankruptcy filings are for Reorganization, not for 'going-out-of-business'. The 'filing' of bankruptcy is done in a Bankruptcy Court. A judge oversees the orderly progression of the bankruptcy. If the finance corporation has filed for reorganization, then you will continue paying them -- because they are not going out of business Otherwise, your loan and every other loan will be sold to another financial institution -- and you will pay that new company. No matter what, you still have to pay the full amount of your loan.

Can you buy a car and have it finance before bankruptcy discharged?

Yes, you can buy a car and have it financed before bankruptcy is discharged.

What is OASIS finance?

A finance company. Location:

Is Finance England the name of a company?

There is a company called Student Finance England, could that be what you are referring to? There does not seem to be a company that is just called Finance England, however.

How do you get a finance company to finance your customers?

some are asking for their friend to invest with their company with interest.

Can you settle a charge off with the finance company?

yes Whether a debt is "charged off" or even discharged by a bankruptcy court, the debtor has the option of repaying the debt anyway. This is how many business reorganize their finances. The file for bankruptcy, have debt discharged but negotiate with the creditors after the bankruptcy to pay down the amount(s). That way the company can stay in business and also keep it's credit rating up.

Seniority of a bond?

Each security, either debt or equity, that a company issues has a specific seniority or ranking. In finance, seniority refers to the order of repayment in the event of a sale or bankruptcy.

Is there a statutet of limitation for collecting payment of a reposessed auto?

There are no Statue of limitations on repossession orders given to repo companies. Payments to the finance company can be squashed easily as going into bankruptcy!

Can a company that is not a finance company charge interest and finance charges to someone it has lent money?


When was Netherlands Development Finance Company created?

Netherlands Development Finance Company was created in 1970.

When was Housing Finance Company of Kenya created?

Housing Finance Company of Kenya was created in 1965.

Is it normal for your insurance Co to ask you to delete your name from the check to the finance Co for damages?

generally no did the ins co cross out your name or did they just put the finance companies name on the check? If they crossed it out they just committed a crime- its called altering an instrument(check) . If they left your name off the check , the claim was for a total loss and you owed more that the insurance settlement , the finance company would be entitled to the full settlement from the insurance company . If that's not the case your name should be on the check too.

When did conseco finance servicing corporation file for bankruptcy?

December 17, 2002

Give money to individuals who were near bankruptcy?

Finance public works programs

Where can one go to for advice on how to finance a car after one has been in bankruptcy?

Car lots are a great place to go for advice on how to finance a car after bankruptcy. They know the best lenders for you to work with to get your credit built back up.

What has the author Charles Price written?

Charles Price has written: 'Life after bankruptcy' -- subject(s): Bankruptcy, Consumer credit, Personal Finance