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French is the seventh most spoken language in the world with approximately 265-270 million speakers worldwide. According to a project led by the a French research project, in 2050 approximately seventy percent of the world will understand, if not speak, French.
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What countries have french as a common second language?

"What countries have french as a com..." . Definitley Canada, because of Quebec, but I'm not sure if there are any others.. -french_speaker124. "What countries have french as a com..." . Definitley Canada, because of Quebec, but I'm not sure if there are any others.. -french_speaker124. "W ( Full Answer )

What is the French language known as?

Answer #1 . French, I guess.. Answer #2 . The French language may be known as the language of the Academie Francaise , which defines the standards of correct, educated French. It may be known as the language of the arts , due to the dance discipline of ballet. It may be known as the language of ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a French Sign Language book?

Not sure about the book, but you can get free French signs by going to:. or.

How do you learn the french language fast?

There are a number of fast courses you can take. In addition to those, on order to learn the language faster, it's a good idea to:. read books (that you already know in English) . watch French films -- in the original language, and, after a while, without subs as well . listen to the radio in F ( Full Answer )

Why is French the language of love?

When I took French in high school, I recall the teacher telling us, No wonder it's called the language of love. Many of the pronunciations require you to pucker your lips, which would in a sense be like kissing.. Answer 2: . I'm French so I dont know but I have friends English speaker who told me ( Full Answer )

Is French the main language of Canada?

It is one of them- Canada's official languages are English and French. However, more people speak English. French is the predominant language in Quebec and is also widely spoken in New Brunswick. There are also other pockets of French speakers across the country.

Details about Paris in French language?

Paris est une ville très belle. Elle est la capitale de la France. Les attractions touristiques sont nombreuses et comprennent la Tour Eiffel, le Musée du Louvre, etc (google translater)

When did the English borrow the French language?

Assuming by "borrow" adopt is meant, never. Beginning with the Norman Conquest in 1066, a Germanic-influenced form of Old French, called Norman French became the official language of England although Latin was used in law and in ecclesiastical circles. This led to the eventual emergence of Modern En ( Full Answer )

If French is the language of love what is German the language of?

German is consider to be the language of science.. Some also claim that it is the language that poetry is best expressed.. And Germans call it the language of poets and thinkers.. Where as French is considered to be a Romantic language; German is considered to be a Gothic language.

Why are english and french common languages in many african countries?

English and French are common languages in most African nations because of British and French colonization. Hundreds of languages were and still are spoken in African countries and European colonizers decided to unify people through a common language which was their's. British colonies, concentrated ( Full Answer )

How do you say 'the language of French' in French?

la langue de la langue française In English we do not say "the language of French." We say the "language of France," or the "French language." L a langue française, in either case.

What is French language in French?

La langue française (because the word "language" is feminine). Française is the feminine form, and if you're describing a masculine noun, the adjective would be français , without the "e". If you simply want to say "I speak French", you would say "Je parle français". If you are a ( Full Answer )

What is 'your' in the French language?

There are 3 different ways of saying 'your' in French:. . If the object (not person) you're talking about is masculine, you say 'ton'. For example, "J'aime ton livre" (I like your book). It doesn't matter whether the person you're talking to it male or female, it only depends on the object.. . If ( Full Answer )

How do you say French in the language of French?

français(e) ------------------------- français (masculine) française (feminine) in french you pronounce words differently depending on if you're a boy or girl or speaking to a group of people

What was the impact of the French language on the English language?

When the Normans came to England in the Eleventh Century, French became the dominant language in the courts of England and elsewhere. Eventually it merged with the pre-existing English. Hence modern English has many words derived from Frenh.

Is French a language?

yes it surely is! It is spoken in the country France, located in Europe. I(sgm3) actually speak it quite fluently as well as Spanish.

What means date in the language french?

Date (a meeting of two people): rendez vouz (pronounced ron-day-vu) Date (i.e. The date today is...): date (pronounced dawt)

Kiss me in French language?

The translation of " kiss me" in French is: " Emrasser Moi". I know so because I have a kit to learn French and it comes with 2 CDs, and a book to follow along.

When was the French language created?

the first written document said to be in French is the "Serments de Strasbourg". The Oaths of Strasbourg date from 842.

Can i get a job with diploma in french language?

Of course. With a diploma of French language, a foreigner can easily get a job in China as a foreign language teacher. What's more, with the development of the cooperative relationship of China-Africa, there is a great demand for the teachers in university for those students who want to make big mon ( Full Answer )

Why does togo need french language?

Togo was one of the African countries that some time in the past were invaded and then dominated (in this case, as a part of "Golden Coast", in Western Africa) by French (first by Germans), until it could get independence (in 1960 only!!!); so folks there were obliged to learn how to speak French, o ( Full Answer )

Who wrote the french language?

It wasn't written by a specific person. It is a descendant of the Latin language of the Roman Empire.

Why is french the second common language spoken in Vietnam?

because Vietnam was a French colony and the Vietnamese population at the time was forced to learn and speak French. Even though the French are gone now a lot of French historical monuments remain. Most of the people of the now grand-parent generation speak French. The signs on the bus in Hanoi are s ( Full Answer )

What language is French derived from?

French is a Romance Language that is derived from Latin. It is a mix of Latin and the various local, native languages that were in existence in France at that time of the Roman Empire.

How are french and Italian languages alike?

They both derive from Latin so are very similar like all other languages in Europe but I think Spanish is more similar to French than Italian.

Why was French the language of Russian aristocracy?

By the 18th century, French was the language of diplomacy and was used in most matters of European foreign affairs. The Russian aristocracy did not identify with the Russian peasantry and the 'vulgar' Russian that the lower class used. They fancied themselves equal to the modern and classy people in ( Full Answer )

Why is the french language so complex?

its a lovely language not anyone can speak French. It stems mostly from Latin so the structure is a bit complicated (like it is in Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian) but it also gave many words to English, and has absorbed a number of Germanic words that also went into English, so the vocabulary is re ( Full Answer )

What language did the French have?

Before the Roman Empire, the Gauls lives in the area where we find France right now. The Gauls spoke Gallic. Then, the Romans conquered the Gauls, and forced them to speak Latin. This became a local accent, the so-called Gallo-Roman. After the Roman Empire, the Franks conquered the area, and t ( Full Answer )

What language is most common as a first language?

The most common first language, or mother tongue, is Mandarin Chinese. Around a billion people speak it as a first language, most of them situated in China and Taiwan. This language also has the highest number of total speakers, that's is, including people that speak it as a second or third language ( Full Answer )

Is English language originated from the french?

English is not directly descended from French, but it is heavilyinfluenced by it. French is a romance language, meaning is is adirect descendent of Latin, the language of ancient Rome. English,on the other hand is a Germanic language, related to German, Dutch,and the Scandinavian languages. In 1066, ( Full Answer )

What year did the French language start?

No natural language ever really starts or ends, it only changes. Like most Western languages, French took a more permanent, less fluctuant form with the emergence of the first printing presses, in the sixteenth century.

Did the French language come from France?

Yes and no. It's the language of the Roman Empire (Latin) slightly modified by the original inhabitants (the Gauls) and considerably modified by later invaders, especially the Franks, who came from Germany.

Why is the british language similar to the french language?

The development of the English language comes from many sources. There are many English words that are French. An example of this is the word "beef". After 1066 when William ( who was French) conquered England all of the kings and nobility only spoke French ( the queens menus today are still only in ( Full Answer )

How are different french language and English language?

French and English are very different languages, but they are both categorized as "romance languages" or "latin-based languages so there are quite a few words in both langauges that are based on the same roots. Many french words are spelled the same as english words, but pronounced differently. ( Full Answer )

What languages are in the French language?

French language is based on Latin, but was also noticeably influenced by Germanic dialects (The Franks who gave their name to France were a northern Germanic tribe). Occasionnally, some words were adopted from local dialects and languages (Breton, Flemish, Occitan, ...) or foreign languages (Arabic, ( Full Answer )

How do I say the names of common European countries in the language of French?

Royaume-uni : United Kngdom Allemagne : Germany Espagne : Spain Portugal : Portugal Pays-bas : Netherlands Belgique : Belgium Italie : Italy Bulgarie : Bulgary Autriche : Austria Luxembourg : Luxemburger Lichenstein : Lichenstein Irelande : Ireland Grèce : Greece sLovens ( Full Answer )

Are the french and spanish language a similar language?

Lot of words are the same in french and spanish language. These two languages have the same root : the latin language. But a french and a spanish can't understand each other because words are modified, conjugation is not the same... Exemple : Yo vivo en una casa de más de treinta años. Je vi ( Full Answer )

Is French language different from French-Canadian language?

Answer 1 French and Canadian-French are not really different. A few wordsmay be different, sometimes because they fell out of use inmainland France. But a Canadian visiting Paris will only be noticedby his accent (as would also French people from Northern France orfrom Marseilles). Answer 2 Cana ( Full Answer )