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Is frequent urination an early sign of pregnancy?


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2006-01-15 03:34:46
2006-01-15 03:34:46

Those can be signs of pregnancy, but it doesn't mean you are pregnant. Wait another day or two and if you haven't gotten your period take a home test. If you are still unsure go see a doctor. I normally have very regular periods and last month, I was a week late. So late isn't always pregnant. Hope this answers your questions. yes it is a happens like in the first week of conception


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Frequent urination can be an early symptom of pregnancy, but a UTI isnt' an early pregnancy sign.

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This can happen almost immediately in pregnancy. Often times its a "sign" that you are pregnant.

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No It's a sign of pms. You don't get sharp pains in the stomach during pregnancy.

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Frequent urination is a common symptom in pregnancy, as your uterus grows to accomodate the growing embryo/fetus it pushes on your bladder causing you to urinate frequently. It is not a sign of miscarriage.

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