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No,unless you can fit into the filter which is impossible,so yes,its safe.

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Q: Is getting in the pool with the filter running dangerous?
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Do you leave the solar pool cover on an above ground pool while the pool filter is running?

Yes, the solar pool cover does not effect the filter.

Do you set your filter to backwash to clean pool?

Setting the filter to backwash cleans the filter, running your pump to filter cleans the water in the pool. Brushing the walls of your pool cleans the walls of your pool... and so on.

Can you swim in a pool while the filter is running?


Why can a swimming pool filter be dangerous?

A swimming pool filter can be dangerous because it operates under pressure and can explode.A fastener secures the top of the filter but in some cases the fastener can fail and allow the filter to top to blow off.

When inground pool is running on filter is the drain open or closed?


Pool pump sounds like it is running hard?

check the filter

When adding aluminum sulphate to swimming pool should the filter be running?

Add the aluminum sulphate to the pool. Run the filter for two hours. Wait overnight to vacuum the bottom of the pool.

Why does sand from your filter keep getting into the pool?

Tfhjjik hubbub.

Hayward Why is DE getting in your pool?

broken filter grid

Is it safe to run pool filter pump while people are swimming?

Yes. Running the pool filter pump while swimming has no adverse effects to the swimmers.

Should your filter be running when you drain water from your pool?

No, turn the filter off so that you do not forget it and drain it past the filter and burn it up.

What is a pool filter for?

A pool filter is there to remove particles of foreign matter from the pools water. Without a filter to remove this material it would not take long for the pools water to become cloudy and dangerous to the health of the swimmers.

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