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Add the aluminum sulphate to the pool. Run the filter for two hours. Wait overnight to vacuum the bottom of the pool.

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Yes. If the soil later needs to be acidified somewhat for a particular crop, it is done by adding aluminum sulphate or ground sulfur to the soil.

Aluminum alloy ... a stronger metal.

After adding conditioner, someone is advised to avoid swimming immediately or else it will rinse off. Give conditioner about an hour before swimming again.

After adding calcium chloride to a swimming pool, you should wait at least 2 hours before swimming. It is recommended however that a full filtration cycle be allowed before entering the water.

Adding a solution of Sodium Sulphate to aqueous Barium Nitrate will produce a white precipitate of Barium Sulphate with Sodium Nitrate remaining in solution.

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You should wait a couple of hours before swimming in a pool after adding PH minus. Check your water before swimming to ensure that the PH has been lowered.

You add electrolytes (i.e. hydrogen sulphate) to increase the electrical conductivity of your solution. This speeds up the charge transport and thus the reaction speed at the electrodes.

Aluminum powder floats on water due to the surface tension of the water. However if you break that surface tension by adding detergent or soap to the water the aluminum powder sinks.

yes you do. this is because the anyhdrate was white (crystals) and after adding water, it turned blue

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adding a high dosage of chlorine to your swimming pool water to kill bacteria.

The best way to raise the pH in a swimming pool is by adding a base to it. Chlorine is an excellent choice.

adding these two compounds serves two purposes. they are: - i) they help the washing powder to remain dry and ii) to maintain the alkalinity of the washing powder

Depending on quantity added -- about half hour.

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