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No, it shouldn't be capitalized.

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Q: Is god capitalized when your talking about a Greek god?
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Which words should be capitalized the greek god theory?

Greek and God should be capitalized.

When should God be capitalized?

The real God should always be capitalized. If your talking about a fake god or gods there the lower case g gods.

What is the greek god a god of?

It depends which god you are talking about...there are thousands of greek gods!

Should greek goddess be capitalized when using Athena greek goddess of war?

yes, all God's names are capitalized at all times

When referring to a Greek god is the G capitalized?

No. Unless, maybe, you actually believe in the Greek gods.

How do you pronounce the name of the Greek god Hermes?

If you are talking about the Greek God it is Her-Mees. (in Greek:ΕΡΜΗΣ, Ερμής)

Who is the Greek god hunter?

Most likely the Greek god your talking about is Artimis, Goddess of the Hunt.

Is god capitalized?

it depends..........if it is like a Greek god, then no. If it is the God in heaven,then yes. No god besides the one in heaven should be capitilized.

Is Dios capitalized in Spanish?

It is capitalized only if you are talking about the christian god. For the very same reason, all references to him go capitalized: El (He), Señor (Lord), etc.

Does god need to be capitlzied?

If you are talking about God in the Bible, yes. If you are talking about gods in particular like Greek gods, no.

Are god and Zeus the same god?

no, because for one God is capitalized and two God is the bible Zeus the god is not in the Bible.

Should the word greek be capitalized?

Yes, Greek should be capitalized.

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