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According to this website, the taste test of grain-fed beef versus grass-fed beef leaned in favor of the fully foraging cows.

"In the past we believed that beef needed at least 45 days of grain feeding to achieve proper marbling. Most cattle are routinely fed between 100-200 days in a dry lot environment with no access to the natural forage diet. In 1996 we participated in a taste test at the University of Missouri's Forage Systems Research Centre near Linneus, Missouri. There were five selections: 1) Beef finished on 100% confinement full grain diet, 2) Beef finished on a 75% grain, 25% forage diet, 3) Beef finished on a 50% grain, 50% forage diet, 4) Beef finished on a 25% grain, 75% forage diet, and 5) Beef finished on a 100% forage diet."

Grain-fed beef would contain less nutrients, since the grain must be processed, therefore taking portions of the energy out of it. However, since the cows are directly eating the grass, the nutrients would all be preserved and given directly to the cow.

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What is healthier than Turkey?

beef is healthier without the grease

Is chicken healthier than beef?

Beef has more fat but has higher protein and chicken can be healthier depending on how you cook it.

Is buffalo meat healthier to eat than beef?

I have inquired the bufallo about this subject and it said to me that the cattle beef is healthier.

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Salad is healthier than beef, yes.

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Yes it has more nutrients than Beef.

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Is organic beef a healthier type of beef?

Organic beef is almost always more expensive than regular beef, although it is not necessarily healthier. Some organic beef simply meets criteria for being labeled 'organic', while other organic beef may really be healthier in that the feed the cattle have eaten is better.

Is goat meat healthier than beef?

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Is bison healthy for you?

Compared to beef, bison meat is significantly lower in fat, so is therefore much healthier for you than beef. Since bison meat is generally from bison farms at which the bison are grass-fed and roam freely, their meat is healthier for the environment than beef (less green-house gas emissions, etc.). Bison and beef are very hard to distinguish between in regard to taste.

Is venison healthier than beef?

It can be, as it's more leaner than your typical corn-fed beef steak. Game meat is often more healthier than farmed beef because it's not fed any of the nasties like growth hormones, antibiotics, feeds that aren't good for it in the first place, things like that. Venison does contain fat, don't get me wrong, but it's a different kind of fat; kind of like the fat that you get from grass-fed beef.

Is turkey jerky healthy?

it is healthier than beef jerky but has alot of preservatives in it which some sources think are not healthy. moderation is the key.

Is chicken or beef healthier?

Chicken has less fat than beef.ChickenMore information:Although chicken is generally thought to be healthier than beef, the answer is not quite so simple. Grass-fed organic beef that is processed in a clean, well-managed facility can be quite healthy. By the same standard, chicken that is raised in dirty, crowded conditions and fed artificial food made of animal dung and slaughterhouse byproducts, then processed in an unsanitary facility can be very unhealthful.

Is it healthier to consume grass fed beef versus non grass fed beef?

Yes, grass-fed beef is healthier to consume. This is because it is much more balanced in omega fats (more Omega-3's than Omega-6's) and is lower in HDL and saturated fatty acids, which are "bad fats." Grass-fed beef is also much higher in CLA's than grain-fed. It also tends to taste better than grain-fed (like, it's not like eating cardboard, but real beef) and does not contain traces of antibiotics and hormones because cattle finished on grass are healthier: they don't need hormones and antibiotics to "help" them reach finish quality.

Is roast beef more healthy than chicken?

They turn out to be similar with chicken perhaps a little healthier. (Saturated fat content, etc.)

Is bison meat cheaper than ground beef?

Definately not, bison is often $2-5 more per pound than the equivalent extra lean ground beef. However the health benefits gained with bison are well worth the money, bison is signifigantly leaner than beef, lower in calories, cholesterol and contains more minerals than beef. Surprisingly extra lean ground bison is even healthier and lower in calories/fat/cholesterol than skinless chicken breasts. I substitute ground beef with bison in all my dishes and most people cannot even tell a taste difference and are very surprised when I tell them how much healthier it is comparitevly.

Is beef bad for you?

No and yes, depending on what type of beef you're referring to: grass-fed vs. grain-fed, and lean beef vs. fatty beef. For one thing, grain-fed beef is far worse for your health than grass-fed beef is, and too much beef is also bad for you more than a little or just the right amount (a serving equivalent of two decks of cards) per day. Beef that has too much fat (especially the white fat from grain-fed beef, which contains saturated and trans fat, as well as that are low in Omega 3 fatty acids) is less healthier than lean beef or beef with yellow fat in it.

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