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Q: Is having a zero trade deficit an important part of the economic equation?
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What results from having a nation having conflicting economic goals?

the need for economic safety nets

What is skeletal equation?

An unbalanced equation having diffrent mass on both side of equation is called skeletol equation.

What is the most important economic goal?

Getting a job, having a good life, have a good family, and all sorts of stuff.

What is having a deficit in natural capital?

it mean a country is basically i debt and losses money.

What is a Definition for algebraic equation?

an equation in the form of a polynomial having a finite number of terms and equated to zeroan equation in the form of a polynomial having a finite number of terms and equated to zero

Are there countries without a budget deficit?

YES there are, BUT not having debts does NOT say that their economy is healthy or they are a superpower

Why is private property important in the American economic system?

Private property is important in the American economic system because people having the rights to risk investment, own productive assets, and learn new ways of producing; the invisible engine for creating wealth and prosperity for all.

What are examples of economic stability?

Having a job!

What term means having too little of a product to meet the demand for it?

you can use the terms deficit, shortage, or shortfall.

What is surplus economic unit?

An economic unit having access of funds and wants to lend his funds

What was an example of deficit spending during World War 2?

This country has never been debt free, since Andrew Jackson, so therefore all spending during WW2 was done while having a deficit.

Is Ireland having a crisis?

yes! economic crisis

What pairs of countries have come the closest to having purely command economic systems?

China and North Korea come the closest to having purely command economic systems.

What is a nonlinear in math?

when you represent any equation in a graph it is said to be linear.Accordin to me , not having a definite equation , is said to be non-linear.

What is more important then just having a good mind?

Just as important as having a good mind is having good health.

What is non economics resources?

having no economic importance or implication

How do you solve the Van't Hoff equation?

You don't really solve the equation. You use it. Having said that, see the Wikipedia article, which has an adequate discussion of the equation and shows it in a few forms.

Which law is responsible for having to balance equation?

This is the law of conservation of matter.

How did the economic philosophers view progress?

The economic philosophers viewed progress in 1700's as having ushered in the Age of Enlightenment.

What is important in business?

Making money is an important factor of having a business. Having enough products for the public is also important in business.

Is Attention Deficit Disorder a worthy excuse for having a low GPA upon transferring as a college senior and can you appeal to the Admission Board to let you in after having been denied admission?

Get better grades stupid

How did Mao's economic policies harm china?

by having low rates

Economic growth is concerned with what?

Having more tomorrow. ^^Stars Suite

What risk is involved in having economic freedom?

Basically, a risk in economic freedom is having to face and accept the concequenses of their decisions. For example, if an entrepreneur starts a business that fails, the government usually won't help out.

What is the importance of power resources of a country?

Energy sources plays a very important role in the economic development of a country. A country having well developed sources of energy has a better chance of development rather than a country having less energy sources.