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Is hell that painful?


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January 02, 2014 2:11PM

Five times in the Gospel of Matthew, and once in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus said (Speaking of hell), "there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth". He also said that it is a place where their worm never dies and their "fire' is never to be quenched. This hell is a place not to be desired, but a place to be avoided at any cost. I would say it is a place of painful suffering for ever and ever.

Catholic Answer

There are two pains of hell, the first is eternal separation from God. This is not a pain that we can understand all that well in this life, we will only understand the full horror and the everlasting despair of it at the instant of our death, when we realize that we have forever damned ourselves to eternal frustration and despair. The second pain of hell is sensory, this we are told are primarily sense pain in the senses with which we sinned. This pain, we are told, by all the saints, is so intense and unbearable, that if we were not immortal, the least of these pains would cause our death immediately. However, we are immortal spirits and will perdure for eternity in eternal agony beyond any description that we are capable of on this earth.