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i think some people are copying and pasting those answers..... but the answer is yes!Government regulation and support of homeschooling is carried out primarily at the state level. Some school districts have established centers at which families may enroll in classes or obtain resources and instructional support. Such arrangements are called shared schooling, dual enrollment, or assisted homeschooling. Some districts also allow homeschoolers to attend public school part-time. Many private schools, some public schools, and the state of Alaska provide homeschoolers with texts, materials, and support. Homeschoolers also rely on libraries, museums, parks department programs, churches, civic associations, and other local institutions.

Most federal support for education is dedicated to programs for children who have special needs, such as low-achieving children, children with limited English proficiency, and children with disabilities. Generally, local districts have the option of offering services under these programs to homeschoolers who meet the districts' criteria for eligibility.

Rowan Hawthorne of Massachusetts wrote on the Home Education Mailing List (FAQ compiled in September 1994):

The superintendant of each school district is responsible for overseeing the education of children, whether in school or at home. In some towns (such as Brookline), this means that the superintendant will make many school services available to parents educating their own children. It could conceivably mean that some superintendants could give you trouble, though I haven't heard of any cases.

[The answer above is based on a homeschooling FAQ originally edited in 1994 by Dave Mankins for the Home Education Mailing List, and from a homeschooling brochure written by Patricia M. Lines, Senior Research Analyst, National Institute on Educational Governance, Finance, Policymaking and Management, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education.]

Many of us would not want it! Freedom is better, and the stats show that HS works. It is unavailable in VA where I live. Miz

In Alaska, there is a great deal of help available. At the Juneau Home Educators homeschool resources page, you will find a list of the several statewide programs which provide funding for secular curriculum, et cetera.

I understand that other states have begun experimenting with aiding or funding homeschoolers, to try to draw them back into the net and regain some control.

Many homeschoolers are strongly against becoming involved with the state at all. They've worked too hard for their independence to give it up for a mess of pottage. Since homeschooling can be done cheaply, there's no reason not to stand up for those principles if you have them.

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Q: Is homeschool help available from the government?
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