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Is illiteracy a factor in the US?

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Functional Illiteracy is a huge problem, as evidenced by what people believe when they see it on the internet, and the lies and distortions they accept from politicians and pundits.

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What are the problems of conducting research in west Africa?

-Machine -Time Factor -Illiteracy -Porverty

Causes of illiteracy?

causes and effects of illiteracy

What is the illiteracy rate in the US?

The illiteracy rate of the United States is one percent. It is estimated that 99 percent of those over 15 years of age can read and write.

How do you get illiteracy?

Illiteracy is rampant in some rural parts.

Using the word illiteracy in a sentence?

Illiteracy was prevalent in the region.

Which questions can be asked on illiteracy?

Any question that relates to illiteracy.

What is the Illiteracy rate of Texas?

The illiteracy rate in Texas is 1 out of 3.

What is the illiteracy?

Illiteracy is when a person can not read or write. Or understand written word.

How do you use illiteracy in a sentence?

Mentally challenged people have alot of ILLITERACY.

How do you put illiteracy in a sentence?

My brother Tom MUST reduce his illiteracy

Illiteracy rate in Dominican Republic?

The illiteracy rate in the dominican republic is: 13.0

What is the percentage of illiteracy in Cambodia?

The literacy of Cambodia is 70.1%-which would suggest illiteracy to be 29%

Ways on how to solve illiteracy in math and science?

If the answer were known then illiteracy would be less of an issue.

What is the opposite of illiteracy?

Opposite word of illiteracy is literate, able, educated, learned, or taught

Use illiteracy in a sentence?

I get tired of saying there's twenty two percent illiteracy in the area.

The is the differences bwteen the three branches of the US government?

In a world of illiteracy, one man took a stand. It's not you.

What state has the highest illiteracy rate in the us?

California has the highest illiteracy rate in the US. This is because the state hosts the largest migrant population (over 1/4 of the state's population is foreign born), and nearly half the state's population speaks another language than English at home.

What was the literacy rate in the US in the 1900s?

Almost 90% (10.7% illiteracy at 14 years or older). By race/nativity, illiteracy ranged from 4.6% ("native-born" whites) to 44% for blacks. This is from the National Assessment for Adult Literacy in the Dept. of Education.

What is the literacy and illiteracy rate in Pakistan in 2008?

The literacy rate in 2008 was 55% and illiteracy rate was 45%.

How do you put the word illiteracy in a sentence?

The teacher scowled at Tom and screeched, "Never, use illiteracy in my classroom!"

Points on how to remove illiteracy?

There are so many points on how to remove illiteracy. The first step is to ensure that education for children is compulsory and create awareness programs that are aimed at eradicating illiteracy among others.

What are causes of illiteracy?


What is a antonym for literacy?


Illiteracy in a sentence?

Illiteracy is the inability to read and write. And example of the word in a sentence would be: "Many people in the past were illiterate, although the illiteracy percentage has dropped greatly in modern first world countries".

Current Statistics of illiteracy among United Nations members?

what are the current statisitcs on illiteracy among united nations members