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Is it Dissidia Final Fantasy or Final Fantasy Dissidia?

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Dissidia Final Fantasy. (Unless you are in Japan)

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When did Dissidia Final Fantasy happen?

Dissidia Final Fantasy happened in 2008.

When was Dissidia Final Fantasy created?

Dissidia Final Fantasy was created on 2008-12-18.

Will dissidia Final Fantasy come out for ps2?

No, Dissidia Final Fantasy is just being made for PSP.

Is Zack in Dissidia Final Fantasy?

No, he is not. His appearance has also not been announced for the prequel to that game, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

What is the release date for Final Fantasy dissidia?

dissidia is already out...2008-2009

What system is dissidia Final Fantasy for?

Final Fantasy: Dissidia is for the PSP platform, nothing else, yet that is, no idea if they'll make a PC version.

Which Final Fantasy games are for the PSP?

PSP Final Fantasy Games:Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VIIDissidia: Final FantasyFinal Fantasy IIFinal Fantasy: Tactics

What is Dissidia about?

Dissidia is about All the Main heros of the Final Fantasys Verses all of the main Villians of the Final Fantasy.

In Final Fantasy can Cecil defeat Mateus?

It can happen test this by using dissidia final fantasy.

In Final Fantasy Can Golbez defeat Ultimecia?

Its possible this can be tested in dissidia final fantasy for the PSP.

When is the new Final Fantasy game coming out on psp?

Dissidia: Final Fantasy will be out on August 25, 2009.

Does lightning die in Final Fantasy?

In Dissidia Duodecim she does or she "fades into the light" in Final Fantasy XIII she doesn't .

In Final Fantasy can Cecil defeat Firion?

Its possible this can be tested in the game dissidia final fantasy for the PSP.

What final fantasy game has Cecil?

Cecil is in Final Fantasy 4, and FF4: The After Years. He is also in Dissidia.

How does Dissidia relate to Final Fantasy?

Dissidia is made of Final Fantasy's Goodies and Baddies. One of each from every Final Fantasy game up to...12, I think. Plus two major deities. P.S. The god Chaos is from Final Fantasy I

What are some Final Fantasy role-playing action fighting games like Dissidia?

Dissidia is the first FF game of its kind. There are no other games like it in Final Fantasy franchise.

What are all the Final Fantasy games for PSP?

Here they are: Final Fantasy (20th anniversary remake) Final Fantasy II (20th anniversary remake) Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions (PSN only) Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Dissidia Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy Final Fantasy VII (PSN only) Final Fantasy VIII (PSN only) Final Fantasy IV Complete Final Fantasy V (PSN only) Final Fantasy VI (PSN only) Also, the following have not yet been released: Final Fantasy Agito XIII

Can you play as other character from final fantasy?

You can play as characters from multiple final fantasy games (though not all) in games such as final fantasy dissidia 012: duodecim.

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