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Yes , it won't shift into overdrive anyway until about 50 miles per hour

So , if you are in the city or you are towing something , or if you are driving

in hilly country where the transmission keeps downshifting it is best to switch

the overdrive off ( in which case the O/D OFF light will light up in your dash )

*** If you haven't switched the overdrive off and the light is flashing or lit up

continuously take the vehicle in to a professional to have it checked ***

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Q: Is it OK to drive 1993 Ford Crown Victoria with the overdrive off light on?
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How do you correct a flashing overdrive dash light on a Ford Crown Victoria 2001?

blinking overdrive light indicates a transmission problem. take car to a transmission mechanic

What does it mean when the overdrive light is blinking on a 1999 ford crown Victoria police interceptor?

A malfunction has been detected

How do you turn off the OD light in ford Crown Victoria?

Hit the button on the end of shift lever, which takes it out of overdrive.

Where is the overdrive lite located on a 1999 police crown vic?

If it's the same as the 1999 Ford Crown Victoria " civilian " version : The O/D OFF ( Overdrive Off ) light is above and just to the right of the speedometer

Where is the overdrive dash light on a Ford Crown Victoria 2001?

On a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria : If you have the overdrive switched off using the transmission control switch on the end of your gear selector lever ( P R N etcetera ) You will see the " O/D OFF " light above and to the right of your speedometer and if you have the digital dash it will show " overdrive off " to the right of the speed indicator

Does a 1991 crown Victoria tail light fit a 1989 crown Victoria tail light?

Yes, they are identical

How do you know when overdrive is on a 98 crown vic?

On a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria : Overdrive is the normally allowed position , although the transmission will not shift into overdrive until the speed is higher If the overdrive is switched off , on the gauge cluster just to the right / and above the speedometer you will see the O/D OFF warning light ( if you have the digital dash it will show overdrive off in the upper right )

2003 Crown Vic flashing overdrive light?

A malfunction has been detected

How do you change the third brake light bulb on a crown Victoria?

The brake light that is in the rear window of the Crown Victoria is accessible from inside the car. A small screw will loosen the housing, enabling access to the light.

The overdrive light started flashing on your 2004 crown vic?

That indicates that a malfunction has been detected

Where is the dome light door switch located on a 1999 p71 Crown Victoria?

on my 98 crown vic you have to push in the head light switch

What does the abs light stand for on the 1996 crown Victoria?

Antilock brake system

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