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It is not smart to put in your mouth you don't know where it has been. Not to mention it is not good to do that.

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Q: Is it OK to just chew toilet paper and then spit it out?
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Why do people chew toilet paper and spit it out?

Actually people with pica (disorder) chew and EAT all sorts of non food items. Here's a case of a woman that actually eats and is "addicted" to toilet paper!

How do you eat your breakfast?

Just chew and chew and chew!If I chewed for a long time... I spit it out!I eat Chinese food

Do cows chew spit?

No. They chew partly digested forage (like grass, hay and silage), not "spit."

Is it okay to take a new sheet of printing paper chew it then spit it out?

no, it is not, however it is not dangerous, although if this is regular, you should seek help

You crave chalk you eat it here and there Sometimes you just like to chew it and spit it out and you do not understand why?

because its made from edable components that's why you can spit it too.

Why you cant chew gum in school?

Kids chew it and spit it out on the floor

Do grasshoppers spit tobacco?

Grasshoppers do not spit tobacco. The only way to spit tobacco is to chew tobacco, which grasshoppers do not. However, they do spit as a defense mechanism.

What is food mixed up with when you chew?


Would you eat mucilage?

No , I chew gum but spit it out after

Can you still chew tobacco when you have a canker sore?

You can chew while having a canker sore on your lip. If you spit right where the canker sore is though it will burn so just be careful

Why does your toilet spit?

beacause bjskjsljijl??><.akj

Spit or chew tobacco is a healthier alternative to smoking?