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It is not a smart idea at all to put them together


well if u want your pet to have a friend it is a good idea ...yes sometime male guinea pigs will fight but not very often....they r more likely to fight if they are the same age by adding a new younger guinea pig with an older one is the best way and best chance they will make the best of friends ...just always make sure...there is always plenty of food and fresh water, if u need to add 2 bowls of food to the cage or hutch then do so ....male guinea pigs also seem to need more space then females so a nice big hutch or cage xxx

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Q: Is it a bad idea to put a one year old male guinea pig with another young 3-5 months old male guinea pig together in the same cage?
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What age does a guinea pig bread?

You have to breed them quite young as after a few months their pelvis' fuse together if they have not had any young.

Will a young guinea pig and an old guinea pig get alone?

yes. I had a 2 year old guinea pig and a 6 month old and the were great together.

Will my giunea pig die if it is pregnant and is really young?

Guinea pigs can get pregnant at 2 months old. The younger the guinea pig is the safer it is to get pregnant.

Is a guinea pig a baby if its three months?

the guinea pig would be considered what we call a toddler, its still very young but has grown a enough to be considered a toddler.

Do guinea pigseat there on young?

no, guinea pigs dont eat their young.

Do guinea pig prefer to be on their own or with another guinea pig?

I disagree and know that Guinea pigs are very social animals and need the company of other guinea pigs. Social animals that live on their own get stressed and lonely. Litter-mates of the same sex should live together, as this minimises the chance of their fighting. Males and females shouldn't be kept together, as they will breed and it can be difficult to find homes for the young.

What are young guinea pigs called?

Young guinea pigs are called pups.

What is a guinea pig's young called?

A guinea pig's young is called a pup.

Can a guinea pig and a rabbit be in the same cage at the same time?

They can go together if you did it at a young age. Do not keep them together at night till you now they like each other. Only put them together if you put them together at a young AGE

Male and female guinea pig can i put another male in they are all young?

Of course you can. But is it smart to?

What is a young guinea fowl called?

A young guinea fowl is called a keet

Is it a bad idea to put a one year old male guinea pig with another young 3-5 months old male guinea pig together in the same cage'?

yes because if you do then the s-5 month old guinea-pig could die because it is not within its age group and the older guinea-pig will pick on the smaller guinea-pig and the older guinea-pig will take advantage of the smaller guinea-pig cause i did that and my younger guinea-pig died a week later so don't do it cause you may be a murderur it not a bad idea at all .... i have 6 guinea pigs and the males r very happy with having a male friend in with them .... The person at the top is young and unsure, yes you can as long as there is enough space for the guinea pigs to have their own territory. Look up CC cages.

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