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Is it a bad idea to recharge regular AA batteries?

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Attempting to recharge non-rechargable batteries can result in fire or explosion. Don't do it.

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It's a good idea to avoid charging any battery with a charger that was not designed specifically for that kind of battery. A car (vehicle) charger is generally designed to recharge 12 volt lead acid batteries. (The actual voltage of the battery and charge is a bit higher than 12 volts.) Rechargable battery packs come in different voltages, and many if not most are not lead acid types. A lot are nickel-cadmium or lithium types, and they need a "controlled charge" that a vehicular battery charger will not be able to provide. And that's setting aside the issue of the voltages of the battery and the charger, which is critical.It's a bad idea to attempt to recharge a battery with a charger that is not designed to recharge that "flavor" of energy storage device.

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