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A person can care about you and still need some time apart. It is important in a relationship for each member of the relationship to have some time by themselves to do things they like to do.

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Q: Is it a bad sign if your boyfriend says he care about you and your worth but wants more time for himself because he feels like he is married?
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How soon after getting a divorce can someone get married again in the state of Missouri?

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What does it mean when your boyfriend said he wanted more time apart because he felt married but seems lately he wants to spend more time with you?

It means he is immature. Why did he feel married because you were spending time together, big deal. He obviously has no idea what he is talking about because when your first married you hardly see each other because of jobs and other committments you had before you got married. If he wants space, give him some and let him know how confusing it is to be told one thing, especially something hurtful, to know how it feels.

If your boyfriend feels you up when you make out in public what does it mean?

It means that he has no manners, no regard for your feelings, and that he lacks respect for you.It means that he really loves you and that he forgot that he was in public because he was in a dreamworld.Love means respect; love means regard for the feelings of your loved one. There is no love involved in her question or from her boyfriend. His only consideration is himself.

What does it mean when your boyfriend is always trying to prove himself to you?

Young men to even some older men naturally want to protect the female they are with and it's natural. However, if your boyfriend is obsessed with proving himself to you then you need to sit him down and start communicating as to why he feels the need to do so. Sometimes it can be because he is jealous; these may be signs that he is aggressive in nature or controlling if he is always getting into fights over you.

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