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Is it a good or bad idea to purchase a car from a car rental company?


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If it is a reputable company, it could be a very good way to get a car. They usually maintain their vehicles impeccably, and it results in very dependable cars, regardless of the mileage. I have to disagree with Tim on this one. This is rare as I notice his posts and always agree with him. IMHO a rental is a bad idea. Yes they do maintain these vehicles very well and perform all scheduled maintenance as required. The problem is that these vehicles are driven very hard. People rent them and drive the %$@# out of them. I personally would never buy a rental or a leased vehicle, sometimes called a program vehicle. Not only are the vehicles driven hard, they don't have a conventional break-in. Every driver has different habits, and a car driven by mainly one person will eventually break in mechanically and actually function "better than new." When vehicles are driven by many divers, that normal break-in adjustment never occurs.

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