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There is no such law.

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Q: Is it a law that you have to have a designated driver who has not consumed any alcohol driving someone who has consumed alcohol from a public facility?
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Can your driving skills or abilities be affected when alcohol is consumed?

They certainly can. That's why there are laws against driving while intoxicated.

How many units of alcohol can legally be consumed before driving in the UK?

probably about 2

What is blood alcohol concentration?

The blood alcohol concentration is a measurement of how much alcohol is mixed in with your blood. This formula is used to determine if you have consumed too much to be driving.

What is wrong with taking alcohol?

There is nothing wrong with consuming alcohol in moderation. It does however have interactions with certain medications, and should not be consumed while driving or operating heavy machinery.

You have to have a blood and urine test to retrieve your driving licence how long would you need to not drink before getting a clear blood test?

depends how much alcohol was consumed. .5oz / hour

How do you prevent drink driving?

Get one of your mates to be a designated driver ( not touching any kind of alcohol) to drive you home after going out, that way you stop anyone getting hurt or dying because of you.

Which drink is most people drink while driving?

Beer is the beverage most often consumed by drunken drivers. However, standard servings of wine and spirits contain the same amount of alcohol (0.60).

Canceled because of a violation of total abstinence but wasn't driving was a passenger in the vechile?

Total abstinence is just that. Any alcoholic beverage consumed is a violation of the agreement not to drink alcohol. If this is a parole violation or a violation of the agreement between you and the insurance company you deal with, it does not matter if you were driving or not.

Vodka is the most common drink consumed by people stopped for alcohol impaired driving?

I'm not sure there is any data available for this, how would you know the exact beverage consumed by every person who is found to be over the limit? You'll never get someone to just own up to it surely? lol

How does alcohol affect you when you are driving a boat?

The same way it does when you are driving a car

What is the penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

withdrawal of driving licence

How do alcohol effect youwhen your driving?

One of the first effects of alcohol is reduction of the ability to make good choices (judgment). Shortly thereafter, the ability to censor behavior is reduced, which makes one more prone to rely on emotion instead of common sense. Along with those comes degradation of reflexes that are necessary to drive safely. Altogether, alcohol removes most of the skills necessary for safe driving, and that happens early in the period of consumption. As more alcohol is consumed, things get worse.

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