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It could be she is interested in you so why don't you just ask her out. The worst that could happen is you would just become good friends. Some of my best friends are men. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-11-26 06:46:56
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Q: Is it a possible sign that a girl likes you if she tells you that if you ever need someone to talk to that she will be there for you?
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How can you tell if he will ever go out with you?

if he stares at you and tell to someone he likes me or tell me he likes me

What if i tell her and she tells someone?

Then you shouldnt tell her because she is untrustworthy, but if you do tell her and she tells someone you deny that you ever said anything.

Will Naruto ever find out that Hinata likes him?

Yes, I've heard she tells him in shippuden.

Could you ever date Nick Jonas?

its possible if he likes you and you like him and nick asks you out then yes its possible

What do you do when asking out a boy to avoid getting rejected?

see if he likes to talk to you and if he ever hangs out with you and if he does get someone to ask him if he likes you, but i has to be someone he would tell the truth to.

Does Marc like boys?

Yes he likes boys and Prefers NMDs when ever possible

How do you see if your boyfriend still is interested in you?

he will treat you like he really likes you like hugs you and tells you that he loves you and your the best he ever had

What should you do if your crush is already going out with someone?

Never ever get jealous. Try and talk to the person you like and ask if she or he likes you. Never ever get jealous. Try and talk to the person you like and ask if she or he likes you.

Will Miranda Cosgrove ever date someone who is 15 and who likes her for who she is and not a Celebrity?

no this is Miranda cosgrove i will never ever sorry guys but if he is a cuteie haha

What does it mean if a girl tells you that you are the best thing she never had?

she likes you a lot, more than anyone else shes ever met or been with!!!

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What does it mean when someone tells you you have a knowing and it is very bright and colorful?

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Why would a girlfriend end a relationship suddenly when things seem better than ever?

She likes someone else, or she cheated on you.

Can you get staph from kissing?

Q If someone has it on their leg, if they have it in the mouth, it is possible, if you have a compromised section in your gums. But who would ever kiss someone with staff in the mouth

What do you do when the boy you like likes someone else?

Simple, Respect the woman code and leave it alone. Ever heard of this: If you like someone set it free, if it comes back its yours.

If you have a friend and he likes someone but the person doesn't like that person but you like the boy that likes that person?

Could you be more confused? You like this boy so you should tell him. If you mean that you like your friend who likes someone else, and that someone else does not like him, i wish i knew. I think it depends on who the person is that you like. but one thing is (sadly) true, if he does end up with you, will you ever be able to be sure that he likes you for YOU, and not as a replacement for whoever?

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ghost CAN'T bleed it is not possible

Can you be a rebound after going out with someone that broke up 3 months ago?

It is certainly possible as there is no specific time limit when feelings subside for someone if ever.

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What if no one likes you?

Dont worry. Even though it may seem that no one will ever fall for you, someone will. Just take your time and dont rush things. Theres someone out there for everyone.

What does if mean if a guy plays the song if I ever fall in love again for a girl Its confusing bc the lyrics say someone LIKE you?

with someone he means himself i guess if he likes u

You really like this guy like a lot and you think he likes you a little bit but you cant date what do you do it drives you crazy plus he likes someone else more than he likes you but they cant date?

You can't make someone like you and if this boy is interested in someone else that is just the way it is. Be friends with both of them. Have fun doing group things together and if something comes out of this it will better and stronger than ever.