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Yes it is...I was pregnant last year. I had a period onn October 2nd...wasnt hardly any blood...but cramping was hurting more than usual...i ended up being 9 and a half weeks when i found out. I had gotten pregnant 3 days before that period came.

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Q: Is it a pregnancy sign if you have had all of the symptoms but your cycle still came on but it was not normal and you were cramping really bad?
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You are ttc and you ovulated on 1017 and am having a lot of cramping and no af but am having a lot of white discharge no stds or infection and no smell is this a symptom of pregnancy?

I think that white discharge and cramping are symptoms of pregnancy. I had really bad cramps in the beginning of my pregnancy and very white discharge. I think that white discharge and cramping are symptoms of pregnancy. I had really bad cramps in the beginning of my pregnancy and very white discharge.

Is cramping and backache and fever normal in a pregnancy?

Yes it is, i have cramping and backache right now, i do get really hot aswell. try and keep the feveres down though. xoxo

Is cramping and lower abdominal pressure normal during early pregnancy?

There is such a wide range of normal that I would not worry unless the cramps are really bad and/or you have bleeding.

Are headaches and cramping a early pregnancy symptom?

not really

You were 3 weeks late on your period and had symptoms of pregnancy now you are bleeding and cramping really bad could you be having a miscarriage?

Yes its very possible. Cramping is a common symptoms in pregnancy and so is some minor bleeding, but if both have lasted more than 3 days you should go see your doctor. Just to be safe

Is passing tissue normal in early pregnancy?

Passing tissue early in pregnancy is not really normal, but it is common. It is usually a sign of a miscarriage. Generally there are cramping pains and blood loss as well. See a doctor to see if what you have seen is a miscarriage.

Is slight cramping a sign of early pregnancy?

You can have cramping during implantation, but many, many things can cause cramping. If you think you might be pregnant, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. If you're trying to see of you're pregnant earlier than a test will show, well, there's really no way to tell. Everyone has different symptoms which each pregnancy. Hope this helps!

Are the premenstrual symptoms similar to the pregnancy symptoms?

I have had three children and each pregnancy symptoms was different so to your answer yes and no so really no one can really tell you that answer because everyone is different.

Is a sharp stomach pain a pregnancy symptom?

Not really. Pregnancy symptoms generally consist of a missed period, implantation bleeding, sore/swollen nipples, color change in nipples, nausea, fatigue, etc. Although not all women have all or any of these pregnancy symptoms. The sharp pain could be gas, menstrual cramping, ovulation or other reasons as well.

You started your period two weeks late you had cramping a few days before you started your period is really light and you are really bloated your right nipple is really sensitive?

Hello - It sounds like you need to do a pregnancy test hun. The symptoms you have described are associated with pregnancy. If you do a test now it should be accurate. Take care. :-)

Is it normal to not have any pregnancy symptoms?

Yes, it is very normal not to have any symptoms during pregnancy. Most women don't find out that they're pregnant until they have missed a period. And most of the time women will not experience any symptoms until later in the pregnancy. But I strongly recommend to you to wait and see if your period comes, and if not, go take a test. (At times if you're really stressed out about it you can miss a period, or it may come later.)

26 weeks pregnant cramping?

it's normal to have cramping in pregnancy. most of the time it's from the uterus stretching. but if it gets really painful or you start to spot and or bleed than i would call your doctor cause it could be something bad and or pre term labor.

What would cause period like cramps on day 21 of your cycle and feeling tired?

It really depends on the length of your cycle? As well if you have a chance of pregnancy. If there is i would take a pregnancy test when AF is due. If not it could be PMS symptoms, every now and again your hormones change and symptoms of PMS change with it. Endometriosis may be the culprit. It can cause abdominal cramping much earlier than your period. It could also be implantation cramping as the result of pregnancy. You may want to pay special attention each month to see if you have cramping around that same day and talk to your OB/GYN about endometriosis.

I have all the symptoms of pregnancy but my spotting is heavy it almost feels like im really on my period but i feel pregnant.can i be pregnant?

It has been known to happen that women have their periods while being pregnant. If the cramping and bleeding is heavier than a normal period, it's also possible you are having a miscarriage. See a doctor.

Is it normal to stop having pregnancy symptoms after the first few weeks when i been having them?

That all depends on the symptoms and the person. If you're really concerned, your absolute best bet will always be to talk to your OB/GYN.

What is the difference between the pregnancy symptoms caused by stopping the pill and actually being pregnant?

Hi, You will sometimes receive pregnancy symptoms when taking BCP because of the hormones contained in BCP. This is very normal and the symptoms usually decrease after 3 months. In regard to real pregnancy symptoms, the only difference is you will not be on BCP when you're having pregnancy symptoms. If you're taking BCP and you experience pregnancy symptoms, the only think you can do if you suspect pregnancy is to see your Doctor for a blood test to confirm or rule out pregnancy. Missed period Positive pregnancy test Feeling sick/actually being sick Really tired/exhausted Hungrier or loss of appetite Food cravings Food/smell aversions Headaches

I want to be pregnant but my period was 18 days late i think it just came i have really bad cramps and back pain and some pregnancy symptoms what do you think is going on?

Pregnancy symptoms are a lot like PMS symptoms so maybe you are pregnant. 18 days late.... if your cycles are normal its time for a test. Good luck!

Why do you get all the symptoms that you do in pregnancy?

because you might be really sick, or dying.IDK

Are there different symptoms with a second pregnancy?

Quite often the second pregnancy is completely different. I had really sore breasts, nausea and tiredness with my first, with the second I had none of these symptoms despite it being a twin pregnancy.

You had cramping for a couple hours mild cramping and dark spotting.Is this signs of miscarriage or is it normal?

Get to a doctor. Everything might be okay, but do you really want to take a chance?

Is it possible to not be pregnant but really experiencing pregnancy symptoms for almost 3 weeks?

Yes. The early symptoms of pregnancy, breast tenderness, nausea, lack of a period etc. All have many, many other potential causes. If you're past the normal start of your period, then your best bet is to go get a home pregnancy test and find out.

You have been feeling like you are going to throw up for two days are cramping and bloated and cant really eat could you be pregnant?

It's possible ... but none of these are reliable symptoms. Try a pregnancy test, they are fairly reliable.

Do guys have symptoms of pregnancy?

If I am correct, men can get what they think are symptoms of pregnancy, but really they are just worried about there pregnant girlfriend or wife or partner... But literally, men can not get real symptoms of being pregnant because they are not female. hope this helped!!

What are some symptoms of teen pregnancy?

*Pregnancy is pregnancy, teen or not. The symptoms are the same. Nausea, fatigue, missed period, tender/swollen breasts, food adversions or cravings, mood swings. *Teenage pregnancy is easier to identify because it's harder to stay normal and healthy. Your belly inflates heaps, it's really hard to drive, and your clothes stretch and my buttons have popped off my new jeans, so I had to get a larger size. *Not really, it's the same general set of symptoms for every female, though each particular one will have their own symptoms depending on their body, but regardless of age. I put a link into Related Links that lists many symptoms of early pregnancy.

What is false pregnancy symptoms?

Usually a false pregnancy means that you have taken a pregnancy test and it gives you a positive reading when you are not pregnancy (which is very rare) or a negative reading when you really are pregnant.

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