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Without looking at the bag this question can't be answered.
Without seeing the bag the question can't be answered. There are other factors to determine if it is authentic.
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How do you know if CHANEL earrings are real?

Answer . Well if you dare to buy them off the net, then go to the chanel boutique and get them authenticated. But if you buy them from an expensive jewellery shop or the chanel boutique, then yes there real.(Obviously)

Where are chanel bags made?

Chanel bags are made in Italy. The very first Coco Chanel store is located in Italy, where Coco lived above it.

What stores do you go to get a chanel bag?

To ensure you are buying an authentic Chanel bag, it is best to go to the Chanel Boutique or authorized Chanel retailers like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, and Hirshleifer's.

Are Chanel bags made in Italy or France?

It depends what type the Chanel bag is. There is a tiny labelinside. Whenever it is written made in France, the bag was made inthe factory that Chanel owns in a small town north of Paris.

How much is a chanel bag?

Chnale bags are anywhere from $4,200 to $6,000. They go up in price every year. I paid $3,900 for my Chanel Classic Flap bag (maxi).

Where are chanel bags the cheapest?

Chanel bags are the cheapest in outlet locations. Chanel outletsoffer new purses as well as accessories at discounted prices.

How do you tell if a chanel bag is fake?

There are many ways to tell if a Chanel bag is fake. First, the material is shoddy and cheap looking. Second, the quilting pattern does not align or not symmetrical. Third, the Chanel stamping or label has the improper font and alignment of lettering. Fourth, the serial number sticker usually has th ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if a chanel is real or fake?

You can tell if a Chanel is real or fake by looking at it andfeeling it. You should never see glue residue on a real Chanel. Theleather should look and feel high quality. Hardware should besturdy, not cheap and bendable.

Can a real person be a punching bag?

Not really...however, the phrase is in use when a boxer is "meat" in a real competition. Someone being beaten on (and often taking it) as if they were a "punching bag".

Where can you get designer hand bags real cheap?

Designer bags are available at a discount prices on Ebay, Overstock, Zappos and Amazon. Be careful that you know your handbag history, some Ebay sellers are not very kind to those who are looking for a quick bargain..

How do you tell a fake Chanel bag?

There are many ways to tell if a Chanel bag is fake. First, the material is shoddy and cheap looking. Second, the quilting pattern does not align or not symmetrical. Third, the Chanel stamping or label has the improper font and alignment of lettering. Fourth, the serial number sticker usually has th ( Full Answer )

Are chanel bags made in china?

Chanel bags are only made in Italy or France. To check theauthenticity, the color of the hardware on the bag should match thestamp inside the bag. If the hardware is gold, the "made in" stampshould be gold and vice versa.

Is chanel bag 10218184 fake?

100% Authentic, please view you tube videos on how to tell thedifference, . I purchased mine direct from Chanel with this serial no, . quality must be A-1.

What is a chanel?

Chanel is a very expensive and luxurious brand it sells clothing beauty products shoes, and jewelry.

How much does a chanel bag cost?

somewhere between 200$ and 3500$ unless its one of those cheep knoc off ones that poor people have then like $20

How popular is the Chanel Bag?

They are very popular they cost a fortune. Designer Coco Chanel started that business first with clothes and worked her way up.

Is chanel handbags made in china real?

\nNo, All authentic Chanel Bags, at least most of them are produced in either France or Italy.\nAny product that is produced in a third world country is typically not regarded as highly, and would be seen unfit for the brand image projected by that of Chanel.\nHope that helps!\n(ps. most counterfeit ( Full Answer )

Where to authenticate a chanel bag?

Etinceler Authentications is an independent Chanel authentication company that authenticates Chanel bags, wallets, ready-to-wear, shoes, jewelry and other accessories. They provide email authentication and written statement of authenticity/non-authenticity for submission to PayPal, eBay, credit card ( Full Answer )

Is the boy in the bag real?

OFCOARSE HE IS!!!!!!! how could you not know that???? he lives in a bag i know its very sad but its really true you know :( now your question made me sad meanie butt hmmmpp :(

How much is a chanel 2.55 bag for?

An authentic Chanel 2.55 will cost not less than $1600. If you cannot afford the big money, a high-quality replica chanel bag would be a good alternative for you.

What is the price for chanel 2.55 bag?

The small 2.55 Reissue (225) now costs 3900 USD. A new Chanel bag worth owning will cost well over 3000K. You can get a bag for a better price at any of the legitimate shopping sites that offer used luxury goods. Remember - buyer beware - check on the site's legitimacy before purchasing. You can als ( Full Answer )

Are chanel bags made in Paris?

Chanel bags and accessories are either made in France or made in Italy. The interior tag or stamp should not say made in Paris.

What is the price of a chanelle bag?

Depending on the size it can range from $50 being a wallet or small purse, and increasing from there to about a couple hundred dollars :)

How do you know if your chanel purse is real?

where did you buy it? it is probably fake if you bought it off a beach, off some random shop selling lots of stuff and if it is bad quality and isn't real leather etc. buy stuff like that from the actual store, department stores or in duty-free to dodge being ripped off, if it was very cheap it was ( Full Answer )

How do you find something in your shopping bag at chanel?

I searched on google,found these stores deal in a huge variety of chanel bags and price is very cheap,you can get more detailed chanel introductions from and if you're interested,you can come and have a try!

Where can you get fake chanel bags?

Will you can buy a fake chanel bag at a flea market. They look just the same and nobody can tell the difference even if you think you know all about chanel.some of the bags there are even real.they sell them for no more than 50 dollars. I buy the real bags but when my cousins saw me with my chanel p ( Full Answer )

Should you buy real chanel?

\nYes, because even if it is cheaper to buy fake Chanel, you are better off buying the real Chanel. Think of it as an investment. If you buy the real Chanel, you can sell it for more if you find something else or grow out of it. If you buy the fake, people won't buy it because they want the real Cha ( Full Answer )

How do spot a fake chanel bag?

1. Material (does it look cheap? Is the metal plastic? Is the leather not leather?) 2. Size (is it the size of most chanel bags?) 3. Defects (don't let the seller tell you they were "floor models" or "factory defects" because they are not! They are fake!

Do some chanel bags have made in Paris?

Actually...there are some authentic vintage Chanel bags that are stamped made in PARIS. They are rare, but they do indeed exist.

Is unbags com designer bags real?

now they change the domain to had bought from they one year ago.bags are cheap and high quality,but the shipping period is a little bit long,if you can wait,it's worth your buying.

Is Chanel serial number real for sunglasses?

Chanel rial number are real , they used to check the authenticity of the model. But keep in mind people can create fake code or serial number. I have attach a link which help you to fine difference between fake chanel serial number and real one.

Are real chanel bags ever made in china?

They are made by Chinese laborers in italy. This is welldocumented. You can read about in the New York Times or you canread about it the 2007 book about the Naples mafia, Gommorah, wherethe author goes undercover in a Naples port and witnesses firsthand how "luxury" brands source their manufacturing ( Full Answer )

Are any Chanel bags made in France?

Yes. Chanel has a factory north of Paris. It made the news at the end of 2010, because a departing truck was hijacked and emptied by thieves.

Should you buy your 14 year old daughter a Chanel bag worth 400.00?

Some would think a 14 year old should not have a bag worth $400, but it would really depend on how mature and responsible she is. Ask yourself how well does she take care of her belongings? Does she realize the value in things? Does she lose things often, or make bad decisions such as trading an exp ( Full Answer )

Is Chanel bag serial 7614176 real?

The number may be 'real'. That does not mean the bag you have is 'real'. Counterfeiters are very good at producing fakes that appear to be the genuine article. It you bought it cheaply then it is not real.

Are Adidas bags real leather?

yes they are real leather you know the type of a cow but dont get one you stupid animal killer

What kind of dog is Chanel on the Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Chanel is a small pomeranian. There is no such thing as a teacup, pom pom, or miniature with this breed. A pomeranian is usually between 3-7lbs. Chanel happens to be small, and is probably around 3-4lbs. She is very well trimmed and groomed.

How do you know you have a real Tignanello bag?

Hello lovely, Their are two ways in which you can tell if a Tiganelo bag is real. The first IF YOU BROUGHT IT FROM THE 2 DOLLAR SHOP IT IS FAKE. SECONDLY IF YOU BROUGHT IT FROM THE MARKET OR THAT AIDAN LADY DOWN THE STREET, IT IS ALSO FAKE! Now i hope you have learnt on how to tell if things are re ( Full Answer )