Is it a sign of pregnancy if you've been having some discharge that is glumpy and cramps and some side pain but your period is not due for 5 or 6 days?

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Not possibly, you may have a yeast infection you should see your gyno.
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What could be wrong if you have had cramps for a week but no period and you have been exhausted and having a creamy white discharge on and off for about 4 days?

Answer . You could have a serious medical condition or an infection. \n. \nNo one can diagnose your problem online -- even based on the symptoms you provided. \n. \nYou should contact a medical professional/gynecologist for answers to your specific questions and to get an in-person evaluation ( Full Answer )

Could you be pregnant if four days after your ovulation you started having cramps and fatigue and lots of milky discharge and sore nipples but your period is not due for about 5 days?

Answer . Pregnancy symptoms show up typically a week to two weeks after conception. \nPregnancy symptoms can also be confused with typical PMS symptoms as well.You know your body better than anyone, so if you are still puzzled or worried, take a home pregnancy test and/or see the doctor.

Could you be pregnant if your period is not due for 5 days but a test was negative and you have cramping on and off with stomach aches and some soarness on boobs and dischaege?

Answer . \nYou could very well possibly be. Some women experience symptoms before their missed periods. The test may have said negative because you haven't produced enough horomone in your urine to test positive. The cramping could very well be implantation. Discharge also increases in the early ( Full Answer )

What are some early signs of pregnancy if your period isn't due for five days?

Answer . You may not experience any pregnancy symptoms this early. However some women do experience symptoms as soon as 3 days after conception so it is possible. \n. \nUsually you would experience tiredness, urinating more often, tender breasts or nipples, changes in aerola or eating pattern ch ( Full Answer )

4 days late on your period and you have cramping is that a sign of pregnancy?

Answer . Take a test if you are not pregnant you probably had delayed ovulation and your period will show soon. GL either way.. Answer . Hiya!\n. \nCramping can be a sign of pregnancy and also a sign of a approaching period. I would do a pregnancy test to be certain. Good luck.

Are severe lower belly cramps and lower back pain and vaginal discharge signs of pregnancy if you haven't missed your period?

this can be also pms symptoms but wait until a missed period to see if you're pregnant or not--keep in mind pms symptoms and pregnancy sypmtoms are alike--i remember when i got pregnant--i didn't know i was pregnant--i got bloated and having cramps right before my period supposed to come and i misse ( Full Answer )

Could you be pregnant if your period is not due for another 10 days but you are having a yellow discharge with slight cramping and tender nipples?

Answer . Hi,\n. \nThe yellow discharge is not pregnancy related hun. This is caused by a yeast infection. You will need to go to your pharmacist for some cream or a pessary for yeast. This will clear it up. \n. \nYou cannot have unprotected sex while you have yeast or you may pass it to your p ( Full Answer )

You are on birth control and take every pill but you've been having cramping and light pink discharge could this be from skipping your period last month with the pills or could you be pregnant?

Answer . \nYou will probably find that this is your period "trying" to start. Your body is a little confused as it should've been allowed to bleed but hasn't been given the signal to start as you skipped.\n. \nMany low dosage pills don't have strength enough to allow you to skip and you will b ( Full Answer )

Why could you be having painful cramps along with a brownish discharge instead of a period?

Answer . \nwell, i hate to disappoint you but it depends all upon if this is a result from a missed period. If it is then you have the same problem as my daughter had earlier this month. I could be the result of a miscarriage..this will start out as a dark discharge then progress to a red peri ( Full Answer )

You have read that cramps could be a sign of pregnancy your period is not due for another 8 days and you have had slight crampy feelings Would this be signs for preg or early period?

Answer . \nIt sounds like a period; I have never had cramps during the first trimester of pregnancy. However, if you have a feeling you are pregnant (we always know things like this; it is instinctual), take a hpt as soon as possible. If money is an issue, your local planned parenthood should of ( Full Answer )

Is mild dull cramping and heavy milky white discharge that's been going on for two weeks straight after period a sign of pregnancy?

It sounds like an infection of some kind to me. i have two children and w both pregnancies i did not have a period after conception but i did have a slight discharge. Their is over the counter pregnancy test and over the counter test that can determine if you have an infection ... Could be though i ( Full Answer )

It's been 43 days since your last period and you have been experiencing cramps and lower back pain and all 6 pregnancy test are negative are these signs of a possible pregnancy?

If six pregnancy tests all come up negative, I'd say that you are not pregnant and you should stop looking in that direction no matter how desperate you are or are not to be pregnant. What is clear is that you have a condition that is not going to be cured by hanging out here. In my worst imaginatio ( Full Answer )

The past week you have been having horrible diahreea sometimes uncontrollable with period like cramping last month you only spotted 1 day and a week later 1 more day is this a sign of pregnancy?

Answer . I really don't think the two symptoms are related. Only spotting for one day of your last period could mean you are pregnant. Not knowing your age and how long you have been having your period is also a factor. Girls in the first year or so of their period starting will have sporadic pe ( Full Answer )

I had tubal ligation 3 years ago period is 10 days late have had pms symptoms tender breasts some cramps and pain on lower right side Home pregnancy test was negative can it be ectopic what do I do?

You need to go to your Doctor right away and let them do a pregnancy test through blood work. The pregnancy blood test can pick up your hormone level at a much earlier stage than a home urine test can. If you are in fact pregnant and it is ectopic, the earlier that is determined, the better for your ( Full Answer )

Is cramping 8 days before a period is due a sign of pregnancy?

No but it could be that you are ovulating. Implantation for instance can cause some spotting but it's not something that you would feel and that would also depend on when you had sex. You can take a test 2 weeks after sex.

Pain in stomach due to discharge is a sign of pregnancy?

hi there.....your method of birth control really is about the worse thing you can do.... I think you are just having a very light period. However, go to your local drug store and buy a pregnancy test kit and follow the directions carefully. Next, visit a doctor.............any doctor .............. ( Full Answer )

Is pink discharge and cramping a sign of pregnancy?

Sometimes spotting (pink discharge) and mild cramping are signs of implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus. However, you may be ovulating and experiencing mittelschmerz (middle of the month pain or ovulation pain). Spotting can sometimes occur with ovulation. If you continue to experience s ( Full Answer )