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Is it a sign of pregnancy if your period is four days early?

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NO. Your own personal cycle is adjusting itself. With all the stresses we live with ( this can make our periods late or early ) and shorter months August with 31 and March with, that is reason enough to cause you to be early. The most important reason I do not think you are pregnant is because; if you are experiencing your period chances are because you are NOT PREGNANT

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How many days after your period are you safe from pregnancy?

four four

What causes your period to be four days late?


How early in ones pregnancy does the earliest sings pregnancy show up?

The earliest signs of pregnancy can show as soon as three or four days in, if one is expecting one's period. Otherwise, one notices signs three to four weeks into the pregnancy.

Your period started four days late but very light could it be pregnancy?

No, it is not pregnancy, it has happened to me, its nothing.

Will a pregnancy test show if up accurate four days after period?

It should

If you period last four days can you be pregnant?

A normal period usually means no pregnancy, if you are unsure take a HPT.

Can you get an accurate pregnancy test four days before your missed period?

It depends on what kind of pregnancy test you take. Some tests will label their tests as "Results 5 days before missed period" or somethin similar. This means that they are capable of detecting pregnancy four days before your missed period. But keep in mind that each day further away from your "expected period" the test will be less accurate. False negative pregnancy tests are much more common that false positive pregnancy tests. So if you get a negative result four days before your expected period, that may not always mean you are not pregnant.

How old will a pregnancy be if you had missed your period for a month and four days?

Probably around six weeks.

What does it mean if your period comes two weeks and four days early?

Your preggo.

What are your chances of pregnancy if your period is four days late and you are hungry all the time?

Hi, There is a chance of pregnancy. You need to do a pregnancy test to confirm or rule out pregnancy. You can test now.

How early will a pregnancy test show?

Some tests show up to four days before your period but most reliable id say are clearblue they're rarely ever wrong

Can you take a pregnancy quiz?

A pregnancy test would be most reliable four to seven days after a missed period.

How many Days conceive pregnancy?

four days

Can pregnancy detected if you have 4 days missed period?

Usually four days late is enough time to get a positive test. If the test is negative and your period doesn't start, retest in one week.

Could you be pregnant if you had a positive pregnancy test on the day your period was due and had a heavy period four days later?

Yes you could be. It's possible to have a period during pregnancy. It's also possible that you've miscarried. See a doctor.

How long should you wait to take a HPT if your period was supposed to start on July 3rd but you started bleeding on the 30th of June and bled off and on for four days?

If you are bleeding on and off for 4 days, it sounds more like an early period. If you are getting other symptoms of pregnancy you could take a test now.

Which pregnancy tests are the most accurate?

Ironically, the Walmart cheapies -- Equate brand. It identified my pregnancy four days before my period was due. (A faint line, but definitely a line.)

Are you pregnant if your period was late for four days?

No - if you menstruated then you cannot be pregnant. Women can however experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, if really concerned take a pregnancy test.

When does pregnancy show up on an ultrasound?

Approximately at four weeks and three days after the last period. The gestational sac will be the first to be visible.

Is four days after ther period end is it safe?

Is four days after period ends is it safe to have sex

Is it normal to have braxton hicks contractions early as four mths during pregnancy?

Np. It is not normal to have braxton hicks contractions as early as four months during pregnancy.

You are a week away from starting your period and having warly pregnancy symptoms How soon can you take a pregnancy test?

most tests can now be taken up to four days before your period is due although it will be a less accurate reading.

Can I be pregnant if you had unprotected sex three times on one day and you end up getting your period that same day four days early And my period only last for 2 days when it normally last 4 days?

yes you can still be pregant with your period but your period will be irregular

Why are you having pregnancy symptoms if you have had four negative pregnancy tests?

There are many conditions which have similar symptoms to pregnancy or you may just be too early for a test to show positive. The amin sign that you are pregnant is that you have missed a period, if you have not missed a period I would look for some other explanation for your symptoms.

If your period is four days early and ends in three days is that implantation bleeding?

It is possible but implantation bleeding is usually just spotting on one day rather than period like bleeding.