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He is a control freak and you need to leave him. But I am afraid for you. If he says that he will hurt your or someone else if you leave him call the cops. Get a restraining order or anything that you can do to leave him! Good luck and God Bless:)

2006-07-22 00:23:57
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What are the themes to the book handle with care?

Breaking is one theme throught the book: bones break, hearts break, friendships break, and families break.

Where is the best place to declare the variable that holds the control break value?

What is the 'Control break value'? I think it should be declared before the first usage.

How do you change your birth control cycle?

Continue through the break then break the week before you wish to start the new cycle.

Why do some friendships break up?

Friendships break up because the friends like different things or they just don't like each other anymore. But sometimes they might like the same person and they start fighting over he/she. (Alfa male)

What percentage of friendships are lost over summer break?

No data on this. People lose friendship anytime.

How do you break up friendships?

well i dont know why you would want to break up a friendship but just tell them. tell them you dont want to be their friend anymore

How can you control the force that cause the egg to break?

how can you control the forces that cause an egg to break

Cause of break-up of friendships?

May be a love.Friendship is not a love.Although it is starting point of love.Sometimes misunderstanding is also the cause.

Are birth control pills still effective if you break them into little pieces before swallowing?

Yes, you can chew or dissolve the birth control pill as long as you are certain you swallowed all of the pieces.

Does the devil have control and is there a code to break the power of his evil?

The devil is a total control freak and yet in love with chaos...Hmm, a code...why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Maybe some hacker could break the devils code and send his evil power a virus.

How often should you take a break from the birth control pill?

You only need to take a break when you want to get pregnant. There is no medical need to "take a break" from birth control.

Can you help me with my friendship break up?

Friendships do end, sometimes there is nothing to be done to salvage it. Grieve a little bit for the loss and move on. That's all you can do about it.

Why do friendship breaks?

There are lots of different reasons friendships break:1. Your friend might gossip bad things to other people behind your back2. Your friend will ignore you and hang out with other people3. Your friend might have arguments because you have other friends4. Your friend might tell your secrets to to other peopleThere are lots of reasons why friendships break!

You are on seasonique which is taken three months before having a break for bleeding you have been having severe cramping in your lower abdomin but no break through bleeding Could you be pregnant?

no....they may be side effects of the birth control.

What is the use of break statement in switch statement what will happen if break is not given in the use statement?

The break statement when used in a switch takes the control outside the switch.The control falls through all the cases unless the break statement is given.

Can you break a trust before the age limit?

can you break up a will before reaching the date of birth stated on it?

How long does a teaching assistant have to work before a break?

4 hours before a 20 minute break

How can you control typhoid?

You can control typhoid out break by improved sanitation and good personal hygiene.

What are the different emotional experiences of adolescents?

There are so many you could go on for days but here are some... Breakup First love First heart break Bad grades Not getting what you want Broken friendships New friendships School graduation First kiss Not getting the right leaving school scores

What countries tried to break free of soviet control in 1968?

Czechoslovakia is the country that tried to break free of Soviet control in 1968. Czechoslovakia was unsuccessful in its attempt.

Does break statement terminate only the inner loop in c?

Yes. Break terminates only the innermost control structure, loop, switch, etc. If you want to break out of nested control structures, you can set a variable to induce a second break, or you can throw an exception.

Can your hymen break before 2 days of period?

yes your hymen can break before 2 days of period

How is the relationship between a forbidden relationship?

well, that's easy...a relationship is love, romance, friendship, and other stuff.....but a FORBIDDEN relationship is when someone forbids know....break up..

What does control enter do on word proccesor 2007?


Why email or decretly text an ex girlfriend?

Friendships, although very few, can still be in order after a break-up... Maybe he misses her friendship, or just needs someone to talk to