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It depends on your age, and your overall health. Heat loss is very real during exercise. Some diets don't provide enough caloric intake for the exercise regimen. Remember, you need fuel to burn. If you're over 40, your body may not be functioning as efficiently as it used to. The sweat glands may be over- or under-active. This can also be due to other, as-yet-unknown health issues. You might take a physical with a blood test if you haven't for over a year or two. It depends how much you exercise. If you just do it in a spotty fashion you aren't getting that blood circulating. You should have protein in your diet and eat smart and healthy and don't go on those fad diets. It would hurt to see your doctor and get a blood test done on the adrenal gland and also a T3/T4 blood test on your thyroid gland. If either of these are out it can lead to cold or hot feelings in your body. There is meds for this. Also, not enough sleep can make one feel very cold and not eating on a regular basis. Take care of yourself.

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HOW TO have a flat belly fast?

Proper diet and a strong exercise regimen.

What is a good exercise regimen for someone who is just starting?

walking or jogging

What word means to follow a regular exercise and it ends with en?


What is a regimen?

A regular system, (such as a diet, exercise, or manner of living) intended to preserve or restore health.

How can a 93 pound 11 year old lose weight?

With a proper diet and exercise regimen.

What is a sentence for the word physician?

Please consult a physician before starting any exercise regimen.

Can running lower high cholesterol?

You can help lower cholesterol by running and utilizing an exercise regimen that you work out with your doctor, although running by itself is often not enough to deal with the problem. You should speak with a doctor to see if you are in the right shape for an exercise regimen before attempting it.

How do you get big breasts with a nice body?

Following a strict diet and exercise regimen and having breast implants have helped me.

What medical expert can prescribe exercise appropriate for a bursitis sufferer?

A doctor or physical therapist can prescribe an effective regimen.

How do you enhance my sexual stamina to satisfy my wife?

Include vitamin E into your daily regimen, exercise regularly and learn how to breathe.

How do you stop being overweight?

consult your doctor. Get into a healthier lifestyle with eating a proper diet and exercise regimen. best exercise to start with is walking. BTW:keep away from junk food and soda.

How many push ups does it take to get a 4 pack?

You need a full exercise regimen not just one exercise. Push ups alone will not necessarily give you visible abdominal muscles.

How do Victoria's Secret models keep their figure?

It is a combination of good genetics, having access to personal trainers, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy eating regimen.

How is secondary amenorrhia caused by eating disorders treated?

Obesity may require a diet and exercise regimen, while amenorrhia resulting from too much dieting or exercise necessitates lifestyle changes.

What are some good tips for weight loss for women ?

Cardiovascular exercises, such as cycling, jogging, treadmills, exercise bikes. Use these to burn fat and keep the fat off by continuing the exercise regimen

What is a good exercise class?

Any type of exercise class that gets your pulse up for at least 30 minutes is a good one. Beyond that, it is much a matter of personal preference. Be sure to consult your physician before beginning any exercise regimen.

Is there a vibration exercise machine that works?

The efficacy of vibration exercise machines is a matter of some debate. The most well known machine is the shake weight, which has been shown to be effective for some people, but the best exercise regimen combines a number of different exercises.

How do you use regimen in a sentence?

An example of a sentence is, 'She had an impossible training regimen.' Or 'He kept up with the regimen when he was in school.'

What are the many benefits of an exercise regimen?

Effective exercise programs help men control weight, reduce stress, increase energy levels, improve self-esteem, reduce pain and injuries, and improve sleep.

Effects of exercise on your body?

You know that regular exercise can help you lose weight, but a regular workout regimen actually does a lot more than just help you shed unwanted pounds. Exercise can have a major effect on your physical, emotional and mental health. In fact, exercise affects almost every part of your body.

What measures can be taken in relation to exercise before and after the age of 30 to make sure older adults have strong and healthy bones?

A regular regimen of exercise will lead to a longer healthier life. Weight baring exercise tends to assist in securing stronger, healthier bones as we age.

Can you define extreme Fitness in your own words?

Extreme Fitness can be a title for anyone's exercise regimen weather you're working out at Gold's gym pushing out massive amounts of iron, working out at home pushing thru P90X, or going through you're own personal regimen

Where is the best place to find a workout regimen online? offers some great suggestions on all sort of workout regimens, including regimens specifically for losing weight. Each regimen includes pictures and descriptions of each exercise along with suggested workout times.

Can you lose weight if you eat only toast and tea?

You may well lose weight. However as it is not a balanced diet the negative aspects of such an eating program would be far more detrimental than being slightly overweight. Seek some advice on a proper diet and exercise regimen for yourself as all diets do not suit everyone.

Is isabgol beneficial in weight loss?

Some dietary supplements like this can be useful, but they have to be used in conjunction with a healthy exercise regimen and a healthy diet. They don't work on their own.