Abusive Relationships and Domestic Violence
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Is it abuse to demand an apology and an explanation as to why you were falsely reported to police as an abuser and falsely arrested if you need an apology to restore respect in the relationship?

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2007-04-14 05:03:25

That's not an answer that can or should be answered in a forum

such as this. You should take that question to a marriage counselor

and have the proper kind of theraputic discussion that deals with

your concern. You won't be able to repair the relationship without

professional help. Unfortunately, you may not be able to repair it

then. Yes. If an apology is not freely given, then it is not an

apology. The person is merely saying what you insist on hearing. In

any case, a self examination as to your arrest and the cause would

be worth your time. Logically, it seems that if you were arrested,

the police saw threatening behavior occurring. Often a third person

(therapist or other counselor) can shorten the time and effort

necessary to do this by asking pertinent questions. Admittedly,

most in your position would be feeling defensive, but if you go

with an open mind, on your own, perhaps you can sort it out.

Otherwise, your respect for the issue and your partner's feelings

is non-existent and the relationship is surely doomed.

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