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Dysthymia as you probably know is a mild case of depression and not your normal run of the mill depression. The person that has Dysthymia can often be moody, say things they don't really mean and basically drive you into a rubber room. The up side of this is, that if this person is taking their prescribed medication (not drinking or doing drugs) according to medical reports I just checked out it lasts for 2 years. It's an odd disease, but there is hope. Would I call it abuse ... not really because this person is ill, but in ways, it is abusive to you and you have to put up with it. If this person refuses to seek professional help, doesn't take the correct medication for this problem, then I highly suggest you walk away. Men in particular are tough as far as getting them to follow doctor's orders or even getting them to the doctor and then half the time they don't take their medication (they feel it's a sign of weakness) and go about their merry way leaving bodies rolling around at the side of the road in misery. Don't be a victim! He has choices and if he doesn't want to take them and at least try, I wouldn't waste anymore of your time on him. I do know what depression is because I suffered with it in my 20s - 30s and I did as the doctor ordered and everything went just fine. I never once thought anyone should have to put up with my poor behavior, and before I knew what I had, and I'd feel moody and withdrawn, I stayed close to home and didn't drag other people into it. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Is it abuse when your SO has dysthymia but constantly makes you feel as you can never do anything right never shows affection always asks why you missed his call and never discusses important issues?
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