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No, the legal age of majority in Kansas is 18, child support is for the child not for the custodial parent. Although the mother may be giving the funds to the young lady for her living expenses, if the minor has not been legally emancipated or deemed a ward of court order (in which case support money would be kept by the state), she should be residing with a custodial parent or legal guardian. The parent paying the support should contact the attorney who handled the original support issue or the clerk of the court where the order was issued to learn the options available. DO NOT arbitrarily cease suppport payments as it is always a possibility you could be found in violation of a court order, always wait until you have obtained qualified legal counsel.

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Q: Is it all right for a 17-year-old in Kansas who is still in school to live on her own and the mother to still receive child support?
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Can a mother without custody receive child support?

The child support is to "support the child"...figure it out.

Does the mother have a right to receive support after giving up her kids?

Spousal support or alimony, possibly. Child support, no.

Can a Florida mother receive child support even if she owes child support on a previous case?

not if it's to the same parent

How old does a child need to be to get child support?

A child is eligible to receive child support through its mother as soon as it is born.

Can the mother receive child support after the child is 18 and the father hasn't seen the child for 5 years?

The mother cannot receive child support for a child who is over the age of 18. However, if the father owes money from before, that money has to be paid to the mother, even if the child is over 18. The father owes child support whether or not he sees the child.

Can a mother still receive child support if she gets married?

Yes, nothing stops a child support payment. The amount received is regardless of the financial status of the mother or the new husband.

Can a illegal mother gets child support?

First, there is no such thing as an illegal mother. Any parent, male or female, single, married, divorced or separated, may receive child support.

Can a mother receive child support if she is getting unemployment?

Yes, child support would continue even if the custodial parent loses his or her job and is collecting child support.

Can the mother that stays with the babys father still receive child support?

Child support law assumes that one or both parents are absent.

Can I stop my child support in the state of Kansas since my daughter is 18 and a mother?

NOT if you owe back support. It doesn't matter how old the child is or whether or not she has children IF you owe back support you MUST pay it

Is it all right for a 17-year-old in New York who is still in school to live on her own and the mother to still receive child support?

No. If the mother is no longer providing more than half of the child's support, then she no longer gets the child support.

Can the mother still receive child support if the child lives with grandparents?

Yes if the grandparents do not report it. Legally no.

If the father has custody and the mother does not work will she be made to pay child support?

Should be, but only 15% of custodial fathers get a child support order, of which only 5% receive anything, while another 9% are still required to pay child support to the mother.

Should custodial FATHERS receive child support?


Can a mother receive child support if she has signed over her rights?

In general, support is paid to the parent or other caretaker who has custody of the child (or to the State as reimbursement for assistance furnished).

Your niece lives with you but her mother receives child support how can your niece receive it instead?

Ask the father to request a modification, however you must also file against the mother.

Can a 26-year-old child receive back child support?

Only if an order was already in place and your mother is deceased.

Can the mother agree to stop child support in Texas?

A mother can stop child support in Texas, provided she does not receive public assistance. She must close the case with the Texas AG. Beware, that she can do this and could later attempt to open it again. I would go to an attorney if this is the case.

In the state of NJ if a father relinquishes his rights can the mother still receive child support for the child?

yes, unless the child is adopted

Can a non parent receive child support from biologcial mother in rhode island?

Yes, if the non-parent has legal custody of the child.

Which president was born with born to a father from Kenya and a mother from Kansas?

Barack Obama's father was born in Kenya and his mother in Kansas.

If Child's father has switched jobs and did not report it how will mother receive child support?

If he's on payroll deduction, they will contact him when the former employer notifies them.

Would child support unit goes after the father for child support if you the mother receive energy assistant grant?

The mother needs to seek a child support order herself by filing a complaint in the local family court. The child support unit enforces child support orders issued by a family court.The child support unit can help the custodial parent in establishing and/or enforcing an order for support.

Do you pay child support for stepchildren?

That depends on related factors in consideration by the court. Does the mother receive child support already? How much financial support and for how long has the stepparent been providing? Is there a parent/child relationship? see link below

How much child support do pay with two kids?

Child support is based off both parents income. So it will vary, if two or more kids are involved the child support is not as much if you had just one. If you pay child support for kids with different mothers the oldest child will always receive more support than the younger kids. Also if you have more kids with a different mother and she files for child support, the other kids who already receive support will decrease.