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No, it's just like getting a shot in your arm or having blood drawn. There is usually a bruise left. Just a side note, Novacaine is no longer used in dental offices, but it is a general name sometimes used for all dental shots.

2015-07-16 18:11:37
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Do light bruises heal faster or do dark bruises heal faster?

Light Bruises

Sentence of bruises?

One sentence with the word "bruises" is; Kim has a lot of bruises after her bike wreck.

Why do Bruises just appear on wrists?

bruises just don't appear at the wrist I've had bruises on my arms and legs allover I've had them

What is the song in the video iPod Nano commercial?

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What is the theme tune for the new ipod nano?

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Why do bruises kill us?

its not the bruises that kill people its the severe internal bleeding that causes it.

Sentence of bruises-?

The boxers left the stage with multiple bruises after 12 grueling rounds

When was Bruises - song - created?

Bruises - song - was created on 2008-09-29.

Is there anything you can do to get rid of the bruising faster that is caused by liposuction?

Get some typical brown tea (orange pekoe) bags, wet them, and put them on your bruises. Soak your bruises in these. The tannic acid in the tea will help the bruises heal a lot faster. This works for any bruises.

Are bruises on bananas sugar?


What rhymes with bruises?


What are contusions?

They are basically bruises

Are bruises a sign of cancer?


Can bruises leave scars?

No, scars are tears in the skin. Bruises are small bleeds beneath the skin. These do not cause scars.

Why did nurse ask if have bruises before operation?

They want to know if you have bruises before an operation because it could be fatal of where it is

You had arthroscopic knee surgery last week how do know what is normal or abnormal bruising?

I am sure you have had a bruise on your body in the past, a black or blue mark that fades to green or yellow before fading altogether. Abnormal bruising is just that, abnormal, bruises that do not behave like normal bruises: black or blue marks that follow veins (infection), bruises so painful that movement is hindered, bruises that have something solid in them, bruises that get larger, bruises of non-bruise colors (red, white), etc.

Why do you get bruises?

we get bruises because it is bleeding under the skin which causes the discoloration. If you bump yourself and have a bruise athe next day its from bleeding under the skin. If however you always have bruises or bruise eaisly see your doctor.

Can you bruise after death?

No. Bruises occur when blood escapes a vein, but does not escape the skin. Bruises can't occur when no blood is flowing.

What is the plural of bruise?

The plural form for the noun bruise is bruises. Example:I'm OK, there's just a couple of bruises.

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Can a massage cause bruises?

Yes, bruising can occur especially for people with sensitive skin or skin that bruises easily because of the forcefulness used during the massage. Bruises might not be visible until 24 hours later.

What makes bruises turn black and blue?

Bruises turn black and blue do to bleeding under the skin. Bruises are caused by burst blood vessels under the skin, creating this illusion of black and blue when looking at the skin.

What do you get when you bump your skin?

Bruises or swollen.