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Is it bad if you accidentally shift your car into Park while you are driving?


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2004-12-25 15:23:55
2004-12-25 15:23:55

It could damage the transmission. Normally it will break or damage the park pall gear. From your question, I have to assume you have doen this. If there appears to be no damage, then don't worry about it. You may be ok. You bet it is! If you actually manaqged to get it into park - then you would have had to go from drive to neutral to reveres then park - Have no clue how you maanaged that! Unless you have a manual xmission. However, there is also a parking pin that goes into the transmission that may now be broken off - bad!


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Set the parking brake before you put the shift in park when parking.Take shift out of park before releasing the parking brake when driving.

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Erratic RPMs while driving or in park could be due to a faulty oxygen sensor. It is also possible that poor gas is being used.

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Sometimes when used to driving manual transmissions, we forget to press the brake pedal to release the safety so we can shift the automatic into gear. It will not shift out of park unless you do this.

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If the trans has a load on it sometimes the shaft that goes into the park gear wont move. if on a hill get someone to push uphill while taking out of park if on flat ground rock it while trying to shift.

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